work shoes

My first style post on the blog is about work shoes and that is because shoes are my favourite fashion items. I legit feel like shoes complete an outfit, imagine wearing a lovely dress and matching it up with foam slippers, that kills it, whereas casual wear with sneakers or heels and the whole outfit is taken to the next level, you get my point?

Shoes are bae! I would like to start with work shoes, talking about shoes I love and I think are must-have for 9-5ers in any industry, particularly the working girl. I am a tiny bit shy to be doing this because I have never been so great with fashion but if you will indulge me, below are my 5 must-have work shoes for women.

Work Shoes For Women

Flats; unless you prove me wrong, I doubt if there is any lady without flats, are there? Personally, flats make up to 80 per cent of my shoes. They are easy to wear, comfortable and my go-to when in a confusion of what to wear.

work shoes for women

Heels; these are said to be a girl’s favourite and I definitely understand why. Heels for me are confidence boosters, they can transform a casual look to extra in seconds, plus they help petite girls like me with height issues, lol.

work shoes for women

Sneakers; I don’t owe a lot of this, in fact, never bought one for myself and only started wearing them because my mum was bent on making me join the gang. That is not to say I hate them though, I mean, I love the smart look they give but it is not my everyday style.


Slides; you footwear collection are incomplete without slides, I said so, lol, but for real though, how? Regardless of the event, an extra slide in the bag saves the day always.

Crocs; this list would not be functional without crocs, I think it would be a total disrespect especially because I am writing this during the raining season and have been saved a few times by my favourite crocs.

There you have it, these are my all-time favourite and must-have work shoes for women. Share yours with me in the comments.