blue light eye glasses

First on my list of things I bought this month is my phone… yaaayyyyy remember I had on my Christmas wishlist an Iphone 11? Well since no one was going to get one for me, I got it myself last month and I am really excited.

favourite buys from January

I got my phone from the famous computer village in Lagos, Nigeria. I will skip the price for this one lolz … will give a rough estimate think 300,000 naira.

Next, I got myself a blue light eye glass to protect my eyes from screen light while working. This I got for 5500 including delivery and case from Shopneen on light eye glasses

Another thing I got this month that excites me is, I got a laptop bed stand. Since I am working from home, and 90% work from my bed, I figured it was good to get my self a stand to ease the stress off my back from constant bend. I got this for 15,000 from homeofficeng on Instagram.

Does hair making and attachments I bought be added to the list?? Lolz, well I spent money on it so yeah! I used Expression 4 packs for my knotless braids cost 4500. Sincerely can’t describe the salon I went to, and she isn’t available on social media.favourite

Outside food, and data, those were my major expenses in January. But to complete the last, I will add my planner from Banke Sotomi I got last year December. It’s been so helpful for me this year and I think it deserves an honorary mention. I got it for 5000 naira while it was on a discount. You can get yours from Banke Sotomi on Instagram.Mordern woman planner

There you go, my favourite buy for the month… I definitely did some buy buys in January but February should be a lot mild on the funds… Amen? Lolz

Aiit, see you later!