Playlist for April

Hey guys, ‘Happy New Month’, welcome to the month of April, my birth month. In case you didn’t know, my birthday is on Friday, April 3, now expecting gifts from you. I pray that this new month brings you all your heart desires and more.

Can you believe it, less than a week from my last post here, I am back again with another blog post. What do you say? Your girl is out here being consistent and killing it. I know right? Ok, I feel like a fraud, I hate to admit it but I gotta thank ‘Mr COVID 1, 9, according to my President for this one.

Playlist forApril

play and chill

I sincerely don’t wanna talk about the virus and how it is changing all we know to be normal because I am legit freaking out. Like, I can’t stop thinking about the hazard this might cause for some of us. The other day, I was freaking out about my job, like, it’s a tough time for entrepreneurs and business owners, which means a whole lot of things for us employees. I do not want to think about it!

So tell me, how are you holding up? Are you scared too? I don’t know how to comfort you since I am also frightened but luckily, I know this will pass soon but in the meantime, don’t forget to wash your hands, practice social distancing, stay safe and prayed up!


Talking about staying inside, I curated a list of songs I am currently enjoying for you to download and listen to. Music for me is food for the soul and my playlist right now explains why mood for the month of April. I am going into April, my birth month with a heart of thanksgiving, gratitude and acknowledging the awesomeness of God.

Regardless of your religion or tribe, take a moment to listen to these songs, I curated them with all the love in my heart to help in these tough times. Click here to see and download.

See you soon!