types of lifestyle

The most popular bloggers after gossip bloggers are lifestyle bloggers, in the past, I have heard people mention how this type of blogging is saturated and I agree, it is but so is every other thing in the world. The good thing is, the sky is big enough for us all to fly.

That is not the point of this blog post though, this post is to clarify the many misconceptions around lifestyle blogging. You can check out some of my favourite lifestyle bloggers here. If you pay close attention to each of the bloggers mentioned, you would realise, they all have different lifestyles and personalities, despite the fact they are all ‘lifestyle bloggers’.

This is the same for every other blogger out there and the amazing thing is it reflects in the type of content they create. What is my point? Lifestyle blogging is relative, just as a lifestyle is relative to your income, environment, choices etc, which means you cannot use a yardstick to judge every lifestyle blogger. Let’s talk about the different types of lifestyle;

lifestyle bloggerTypes Of Lifestyle

  1. Luxury
  2. Norman
  3. Solo
  4. Budget
  5. Minimalist etc
  6. DIY
  7. Sustainable
  8. Healthy living
  9. Christain lifestyle

Sincerely the list goes on, but no one can expressly say, this lifestyle is the best because they all have their pros and cons, most importantly, you can’t tell anyone how to live their life, it doesn’t work that way.

What you can do is find lifestyle bloggers you relate to on certain levels. Bringing this back home, I used to be that person who wondered why anyone would say a dress of 30,000 naira is affordable, like, are you ok? But guess what I found out, even words like affordable, poor, cheap, rich, budget etc are relative. A lady who earns a 100k would think twice to buy a 30k dress because to her that is a luxury but one with 1 million would consider that same dress affordable or cheap, but neither of them is wrong or right, you get my point?

It would be totally unfair for you to judge, criticise or condemn anyone based on their personal decisions because you aren’t any better, you are just living a different lifestyle. Thank God I learnt this soon enough and I hope you do too.

To answer the question in your heart, what type of lifestyle blogger is Jessica Fortunes? I am a lifestyle blogger focused on budget-friendly living. In simple terms, I am that girl who wants to live the baby girl life on a budget. I want the good things of life but I am not about to borrow, rob a bank or beg to get it. The only choice I am left with is to find ‘cheaper’ alternatives, save, budget, work two jobs etc.

This is what I share on my platforms and I am not shy about it, it’s my lifestyle, Ok? Besides, you shouldn’t be shy about yours either, that said, you can always aim or work towards a different lifestyle because change is the only constant thing in life. To be fair, I only just figured out all this, becoming more intentional in my living, so take your time too.

NOTE; you can have a combination of different lifestyles but one is often dominating.