Lessons from a twenty something…

A new year in one’s life is always a good time to go down memory lane and as I turned 22, on the 3 of April 2019, I couldn’t help but think of all the lessons I have learned in the 22 years of my life. So, this is me sharing 22 lessons I have learned while hoping you will read and learn a thing or two to make you better. Let’s dive in;

1. There is a God, acknowledge Him early.
2. Family is your biggest support.
3. Your journey is yours alone, walk it with pride.
4. No one owes you anything unless you don’t mind being disappointed.
5. Failure is part of the process, don’t let it break you.
6. You will get more support from strangers than close pals, it’s ok.
7. Some bridges are better burnt, so you don’t get burnt.
8. Change is the only constant thing, be ready to change too.
9. Love yourself so much that others feel it.
10. Your network is your net worth only when you add value to it.
11. Experience is the best teacher when you are learning from someone else.
12. Be kind to all
13. Promote yourself, business, job, with all your strength because no one can do it better.
14. Explore, there is a lot for you to find out there, including yourself.
15. Entrepreneurship is hard, you might want to learn the ropes while working on your 9-5.
16. Social media can make or mar you, use it well.
17. Don’t pressure yourself, no one has it better.
18. Be a friend to your friend, they need you just as much as you need them.
19. Never lose hope, even when you should.
20. There are no laid down rules, be ready to break and make yours.
21. Stay happy always!
22. It only gets better. (Saved this for the last because it’s my best and my life motto).

There so many more but I will stop here. It would be nice to see the lessons you have learned too, so drop yours in the comments section and let’s bond.

22 lessons I learnt before my 22nd birthday