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Whoops, I am a 24 years old woman. Me??!! Didn’t I just clock 20 the other day, how am I 24 now? I still can’t believe it and sometimes it feels unreal, sometimes I even feel anxious that I am growing old but in this moment, I am grateful and excited to be 24.

Turning 24 for me signifies ‘Becoming The Woman Of My Dreams’, walking in purpose and clarity of who I am and where I am headed. I have been confused on several things for a long time but with this new age, I feel peace, I feel closer than ever to achieving my goals and it makes me happy.24

It is like a new birth but this time with skills, experience and confidence I require to achieve and do exploit. Now I am thinking to myself, why was I so scared of turning 24?

Why did I put myself under pressure? Why did I believe the lie that I haven’t achieved anything when the truth is all my past experiences where grooming me for now and I have done amazingly well for myself despite the odds.the woman of my dreams

The good thing is, turning a new age and taking a step back has helped me realize all I have to be grateful for.

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Now, I am ready to take on 24, live my best life, do what makes me happy, love my family more, build healthy relationships, become the best at my career, and basically become the woman I see every night in my dreams.turning 24

I am betting on my Jessica Fortunes!

Happy birthday to me!

Side note, for 24, I did some exciting things. I travelled to Benin Republic by road, visited an Island in Cotonuo, and visited the Fidjrosse beach, go read up on all my experiences.