Hua Han, Lagos

To know me is to know I love to eat, especially when its not me cooking. Low-key, I believe I am not yet a millionaire because I spend so much on eating out, but what can I do? I really enjoy food and how they make me feel, so I am just going to have to find ways to make more money so I can always indulge.

Speaking of indulging, over the week, I visited a Chinese/Korean restaurant in Ikeja, Lagos, Hua Han in my quest to try out Chinese food from actual Chinese. To do this with me, i went with a friend, Funmi and together we explored.A visit to Hua Han, Lagos

Location; Hua Han is located at number 45c Sobo, Ikeja GRA.

First Impression; Very China looking, lol… a few minutes in and I almost ran. Don’t blame me I got there by 2pm, there were no other customers (Funmi was running a few minutes late) and everywhere looked really fetish, it took me a while to get comfortable, but I did when I saw staffs were blacks and they were welcoming.Hua Han, Lagos

Menu; They’ve got some really big menu, I spent over 15 minutes trying to decide on what to order, eventually we decided on Chapman for drinks, Noodles, Special Rice, Curry Sauce, and meat (I can’t remember what this was called) for food. On the pricing, I think it was decent with a starting price of 1500, however, the cost were hidden in the taxes, we paid over 5000 naira for taxes, and service fees. I still can’t get over that, like bruh! Hua Han, Lagos

Regarding the taste, I enjoyed the food, however I cant say much on it because it was my first time doing Chinese. So when I try another Chinese restaurant, I will be able to compare.

Ambience; nothing fancy, just an ok feel with plenty dolls, trees, and Chinese looking objects or art.Try chinese food

Will I visit again? Yeah, if someone else is paying… lol

Would I recommend to you? Yeah, it ok.

Until next time (this is me hoping you didn’t realize this is my first post in months)… bye!

If you would to see more of the restaurant, watch the video below;