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One question I have had quite a number of people ask me this season is, “Jessica, what are things to do in Lagos this Christmas?’ I am not sure how I became the right person to help with this but I take this honorary title of ‘Enjoyment Minister’ very seriously, so I decided to help with this.things to do in lagos

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Lagos is an ever bubbling city; sincerely there is always something to do. Though COVID drastically reduced the number of events and outings this year, Lagos still boosts of some amazing experience for all this Christmas

Things to do in Lagos;

  1. Concerts; I didn’t think there would be concerts this year due to coronavirus, but trust the artistes of Lagos to come through with ways to make fans happy while still practicing social distance. All though the prices this year are higher, I would still go for a concert if I can afford it as I enjoyed last year’s concert.
  2. Paintballing; if you are looking to try something adventurous, paintballing is one of the few things to do in Lagos you can try too.
  3. Go to the beach; Lagos has some really beautiful beaches you can visit, from Landmark to Ilashe, to Tarkway Bay to Eelegushi, and more. So go play with the sand and have fun, my last visit to the beach was to Tarkwa Bay.
  4. Try Kayaking; I am all for adventure, if you are, then go Kayaking and you would absolutely love the feel of the breeze and water while you Kayak.
  5. Go for rides or play games like rollercoaster, ferris wheel, karts, swings and more at amusements parks. This is perfect for a family outing. I did this at Omu resort last year but you can also visit hi-planet, Apapa amusement park and more in Lagos.
  6. Restaurant hopping; a list of things to do in Lagos will never be complete without mentioning places to savor great food, snacks and drinks. I tried Burg last, you can try them too or check out some foodie accounts on Instagram for inspiration.
  7. A road trip; I am not talking about road trips from work to the house or vice versa. I mean planning a road trip to some resort in Lagos for a staycation. My last staycation was in Ibadan, but definitely looking at doing one in Lagos soon, you can beat me to it.
  8. Watch a movie; cinemas in Lagos are open once again and there are some amazing movies being advertised. You might want to give that a trial too.
  9. Go experience art at the Nike Art Gallery; if you are in to art, you should do this. This is where I tell you, Nigerians are talented.

    10. Go experience the longest canopy walk in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Center (LCC). This is scary lolz, but very doable, so go for it. I did it, so can you!

Wow!! I actually did this, lolz. I didn’t think I could successfully pull up a list of things to do in Lagos from my personal experiences. But look here, a list of 10 and all of which I have experienced at one point or the other. Now I know why my friends come to me for ideas on things to do for fun, I earned the crown lol and I look forward to doing more in 2021.

Have fun dearie!