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  Someone said to me, “seems you know a lot of places to hangout”, and that got my smiling. Jessica some years back didn’t know how to hangout, not more places to hangout, so I am grateful for growth and my deliberate efforts to have fun while also working hard to develop myself and attain success. I am also glad I get to document every of my moves here on the blog and to share with you fun things to do in Lagos. Other things to do in Lagos, see kayaking.
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A babe…

This time I am introducing to you Burg Lagos. I had seen pictures and videos on Instagram talking about places to get the best Burgers in Lagos and Burg was on the list. After a few research, I found out it was located on Isaac John street, Ikeja Lagos, about 30 minutes’ drive from my house. So when I and Cynthia decided to have a lunch date, Burg made top of the list, the final nail on the head was, they allowed eat-ins. My Experience at Burg Lagos Burg Lagos We visited Burg on the Tuesday afternoon/evening (I am not sure what 4pm issh is, lol), from that time till 7pm when we left, we were the only guests there. So my advice for you will be to go there with someone, unless you are in search of solitude or try visiting on a weekend, more people are out then if you want to meet people.
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Outfit of the day

Since we are still battling COVID, they took precautionary methods as advised by the Federal government. That’s a mark if you are worried about safety, and their staff had masks on. Talking about the staff, they were polite and straight to the point; we didn’t have any problem being attended to by them. burg lagos menu


Just like the name implied, Burg Lagos, the menu was all burg filled with sides to support it lol, hope you get that. I ordered the Suya burger with salty fries and  a cup of Smoothie.  I don’t think I am the best person to review a burger since I have only had Burger from Tastee Fried Chicken at Ogba in the past. So don’t take my word on the taste but I liked it, especially the bread and salty fries. Oh, Cynthia mentioned the burger was good, so lets take her word as she has more experience, lol. They also had a bar outside, which we visited for a glass of …?? Lol Overall, it was a chilled hangout, the décor is aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. Since I and Cynthia wanted an opportunity to catch up and gist, it served its purpose. But towards the night when we were in a mood to dance a bit, it was bland. Have you been to Burg?