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I have been a podcaster for seven months now, started my podcast Twenty-Somethings Rant on the 15th of May, 2019. Wow!! That is more like 8 months actually. I am grateful for the growth and support from those who listen and those who have come on the show to share their stories. It has been an amazing journey and I am excited about the future.

In these few months, I have had a couple of people ask me questions about podcasting, while some asked, how to start a podcast, some have asked about the challenges, editing tools, and more. I try my best to answer all questions individually but even better, I create a blog post that addresses all your podcasting queries.

For instance, I shared a story of how I started my podcast and how you can start yours here. And in this post, I will be sharing with you some things I wish I knew before starting my podcast.

First I should say welcome to every newbie podcaster here. It has been amazing to hear a few of you say how much my podcasting tips help you. I am honored and grateful! And for those who are still not sure where the road leads on their podcasting journey, we look forward to having you soon.

To the main gist;


What I wish I knew before starting a podcast;

There is no laid out monetization plan; ghen, ghen, ghen, lol! The goal of starting a venture most times is to make money. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t know this when I started. I simply thought it was set up like Youtube and the moment you reach a given number of listeners or subscribers, I would start to cash out. Sorry to disappoint you, there is nothing like that. Though there are other ways to monetize your podcast, I have now learned that it takes extra work.

So if you are starting out as a podcaster to make quick money, sorry oh! it is more than that. While I am glad I didn’t start Twenty-Somethings rant for the money, I wished I knew this earlier, it would have helped me strategize better.

starting a podcast

Plan your show/podcast; if you haven’t you should listen to my first episode of Twenty-Somethings Rant podcast, when you listen, one thing that is event was my lack of planning. Boy oh boy, I was spontaneous. While that was ok for the first episode, I really wish I had taken time to map out what I wanted the show to be like. Of course, not every answer would be known immediately, but even after my first 3 episodes, I was still waving it and recording as it goes without a plan.

Now I understand planning and am key on it, I do believe I might have scaled faster if I had a plan.

There are different genres of podcasting; prior to starting my podcast, I only knew one podcast, which hosted by my friends. And out of excitement, I didn’t research further. I didn’t take time to learn from those who had gone before, hence I missed out on certain things that would have profited my podcast.

One of such was the genres of podcasting, I didn’t even realize podcasting had different genres. In my first few months, I put my podcast under kids and family, lol. I later realized the mistake and had to change it appropriately.

Your audience matter more; in my first few episodes, I was ranting majorly about my experiences, I didn’t think much of what my listeners would take home, how the topic I was discussing would positively impact my audience. Hence, those episodes didn’t do great in numbers.

jessica is a podcaster

But the moment I switched and focused on my audience, I have noticed a spike in the numbers and growth in the community.

Promote your podcast; lol, I was one of those who would post a new episode every week and not repost older ones. Now I know better, based on the time, day and event, I strategically repost each podcast episode.

Sincerely, I could go on and on this topic as I have learned a lot in these few months and excited to learn more in the coming years. I do hope that from reading this, you have picked up a thing or two that can help make your podcasting journey easier.

In the meantime, if you need guidance starting your podcast without making some of the mistakes I made and making your journey smoother, chat with me here. There is a fee to that please, be guided, lol…

Alright, guys, that is it for today, enjoy the rest of your day and let me know in the comments your challenges with podcasting.

thing I wish I knew before I started a podcast