taking stock of november

Can you believe 2020 is gradually coming to an end? Like, when was January 2020 again? I can’t help but feel grateful to God for coming this far, giving how so many things went left this year, I also hope that regardless of what you went through too, you are feeling grateful.

In any case, I wish you a happy new month, a December filled with joy, love, happiness, fun and every of your heart desires.

Now let’s do a quick rundown of what I did in the month of November.

October for me was one of those months that just went by, all I was trying to do was survive and forget how incompetent our government was.

For November, I wanted to make it count and utilize as many opportunities as I could, so I started out with taking courses online.


I went back to a few courses I had enrolled for on Cousera, starting with creative writing. The course on creative writing was to help me be better as a writer, while I was doing that, I came across a Radio Now broadcasting training on Instagram powered by Red media, so I applied.

Luckily for me, I got in and started a 2 weeks boot camp training on broadcasting and audio production. This was what I spent most part of my November doing and I loved it, I met amazing people, learnt from the best, and got renewed ginger to keep pushing with my podcast. The only aspect I didn’t enjoy was waking up by 6am to get to classes by 10am and getting back home by 9pm.

Also in the month of November, I visited Ibadan. This was a long overdue trip I and my friend started planning in September, luckily we got to it in November and I had so much fun doing it. IITA

I wrote about my road trip to Ibadan, my staycation in IITA and things to do in Ibadan, you can read up on all that to catch up on all those.stone cafe

In the month of November, I also made changes to my wardrobe, became more deliberate with my dressing and spent time exploring my style. Unfortunately, I haven’t written any post on my evolving style and what has changed lately, but I promise to do that soon. However, I wrote about my beginner makeup supply under 20k, it was one the things I changed.

As with every other month, I was working my regular 9-5 job/jobs. Thankfully I work remote so I was able to combine my jobs and studying.

I think that’s a good summary of what I did last month.

For the month of December, it about to be an enjoyment month biko, I can’t be stressed.

P.S. I have challenged myself to have a new blog post every day in the month of December, that’s 31 post at the end of the year. Wish me good luck!

See you later!