jessica fortune oguh

Hi guys, welcome to the month of August! I pray this month all our heart desires are met. In the spirit of a new month, I would like to share some of my favorite things from the month of July and take stock of things I achieved last month.

Taking stock; In July I, 

– found me and shredded myself of tags I didn’t want.

– stumbled on intentional living and decided to make be intentional with my life choices.

– started a skincare routine within my budget

– discovered my love for Afrocentric music and style🎶 

– started taking vitamins, fruits and more drinking water

– paid for my first online course 

– bought a myself a new laptop 

– wrote and published six blog post on

– recorded and published one Podcast episode on @twentysomethingsrant 

– started a team to help in building @twentysomethingsrant 

– woke up for 31 days in good health 

– spent quality time with family members and friends doing new things.

July was a good month, God was faithful through it all and I am excited for August.

My favourite things in July,

  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, got it from bookmarketng on Instagram.
  • Necklace from Miniso, got this for 1500. It comes with a pair of earrings.
  • Bangles; got them from Miniso for 1500, they are two different sets.
  • Black top; finally got a black top, lol… fashionistas say it is a must have fashion item. Got it for 1500 from a roadside store.
  • Rentinol Serum; finally added this to my skincare routine to help fade black spots and it has been good.
  • Hair band, this has featured in most of my pictures from June. Got it for 900 from Miniso and I love it.

Ok, those are my faves from the month of July. Let’s see what August has for us!!!

P.s. I encourage you to take stock, you will be surprised all the amazing things God has done and find more reasons to be grateful.