starting a side hustle in 2020

Since I wrote this article on how I saved to get a laptop, I have felt like a vital part of achieving that was left out of the story. Yes I saved, but outside saving, I work double to reach my goal, which is my regular 9-5 job and my side hustle.

I realize that I was able to reach my goal of getting a laptop this year because I have different streams of income and I figured it would be unfair of me to come up here and tell you about saving without talking about the money or my many hustles.

my side hustle

Before we dive in, let it be known that having a side hustle in 2020 is a necessity. It not something to brag about or be ashamed of, like a friend would say “this money needs to be complete”, one way to complete it is to double your hustle. If your father is Dangote, please ignore that, if not, you know what to do.

My first attempt of having a side hustle was in 2018, I was working as a Personal Assistant and doubled it with selling bags, purses and some other fashion items. I did this until it was time for my NYSC orientation camp. I spent 3 weeks in Osun for camp, came back to Lagos and while searching for a permanent placement, I was trying out social media gigs, creating highlight covers, curating content and still selling.

side hustle

When I finally did get a place for my service as a news reporter, I doubled it with a full time job as a content manager for an online community, did that until after service. When I got a new job, I continued with my social media gigs on the side and it’s been so since then.

Guess it would be safe to say I realized my father wasn’t Otedola early hence side hustle has always been a thing for me.

While I cannot categorically tell you, I got these jobs because I was amazing and the best at it, I can say, God has been faithful, providing me ideas and opportunities to make things work, I have an amazing network of individuals who have always recommended me for one job or the other, I have also learnt to put in the work and the right attitude.

side hustle

On how I have been able to combine my hustles effectively with a full time job, I should start with, I suck at it, sometimes I am down from exhaustion, frustration and every day is a another hurdle but I have learnt not to give up, plus I really like the money, lol.

Other things that have helped me with managing a side hustle are,

  1. I know my strengths and limitation and I try not to cross them so I don’t break down.
  2. Asking for help when I need it. For some jobs I call friends to get involved, and we split the fees, because half is always better than none.
  3. I take jobs that align with my career goals and ambitions, that way; it is easier to blend them together.
  4. I try to define my deliverables for each job, and make sure they aren’t clashing on time or deadlines.
  5. I am open with each client about my different moving parts from the get-go.
  6. Family, family, family, they are my best ally. They know about each job I take on and support me to make it work in every way possible.
  7. I take breaks, one of such is, my weekends are off days, and I share this with everyone I work with. Unless there is an emergency, I am not responding.
  8. I work with people I trust, if I don’t trust you or my instinct isn’t comfortable with you, I am not doing the job.
  9. I have my note book with me always!

I feel so much better having shared this here and I sincerely hope it is valuable to you. I never want to be that person that talks about the wins while hiding the processes behind. Till next time, bye!