So my post on how to start a podcast did way better than I thought. With about 3 people reaching out to tell me they had the courage to start their own Podcast after reading my post on it.

Sincerely, that felt so good! Nothing makes a creative happier than when the works we create impact those who read it. So, this is me saying thank you to everyone who read, I am grateful.

One thing though, since it had such a good impact, why didn’t y’all leave a comment?? Are we fighting? I hope not. Lol! Anyway, I do hope that after reading this, you would share with me your podcasting journey in the comments.

Now to the matter of this post.  I will share with you 6 reasons why you should start a podcast in 2021. Errm why is this post important? Well, it is important for me because I have come to realize that a lot of people still don’t know why a podcast is important or of value.

Or maybe because, I really think podcasters are not given the same amount of respect video creators and the likes receive. And so alot of creators who really would do better in audio/podcasting run to video content.

You know what? Call me jealous if you like but this is me convincing you on why you should start a podcast.Start a podcast in 2021i

At this point I should even mention that Netflix is delving into the podcasting field. Isn’t that great? A video power house sees to need to produce audio content. What’s your excuse?

If that isn’t enough reason for you to jump into creating podcasts for your business and communities, keep reading to see more reasons;

  1. Podcasts are now more popular than ever; In 2019 alone, there has been a lot of massive changes in the podcasting world. From Spotify acquiring Anchor and Gimlet, to Netflix joining the field. Even better, statistics shows that, there is a massive increase in the consumption of audio. Basically, podcast is a huge market waiting searching for content in different niches.
  2. Podcasts are easier to consume; Unlike video content where you have to pay rapid attention to consume, podcast is easier. Anyone could listen to a podcast while running, driving, walking, doing some house chores and more. Isn’t that great? With podcasts, you don’t need to stop one for the other.
  3. You can connect with your audience on a deeper level; There are numerous podcasts that last over an hour and guess what? Audience still listen to them steadily. Why? That is because of the trust and connection that is built over time. If I may say so myself, podcast fans are more loyal and connected. You know, you can’t neccesarily see the host of the show but you love them either for their voice, the story or something deeper that leaves you wanting more.
  4. It is easier to start; Need I explain this more? Just read my blog post on how I started my podcast with Anchor. And if you need more guidance on niche, topic, genre, or submitting your podcast to different podcasting directories, contact me. There is a fee for that please.
  5. Your Podcast can reach a wider audience faster than any other content; You heard right, my podcast, Twenty Somethings Rant is currently on about 10 podcasting platforms. Even on platforms like Spotify that is not available in my country. You get my point? That is rare for video content.
  6. You can monetize your podcast; Just like a radio show that has adverts in between sessions, you can have sponsored ads on your podcast at a premium fee. That of course is just one way you can monetize your podcast.Start a podcast in 2021

Sincerely, I could go on and on about how you should start a podcast ASAP but for today, I will end here, hoping that you get the gist and start your podcast today. Need help with starting a podcast that will convert? Need help in picking a niche, topic or submitting your podcast? Contact me and let’s help you get that sorted.

Ok, if you have a podcast already, tell me about your journey so far and if you are new or just intend to start one, telling me about it too.

Waiting for you all in the comments, bye.