skincare routine for beginners

I am not a dermatologist and didn’t pay much attention to skincare until recently but that is not to say I didn’t care about my skin. I just felt once I took my bath, washed my face regularly and moisturise, I was good to go.

In my defence, my skin looked great regardless, so I didn’t understand the need to spend my hard-earned money on more skincare products. In fact, I have had people asking what I used for my skin, and anytime I mentioned not having a routine or using some homemade ingredient, most didn’t believe me.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

my skin without a skincare routine

That said, somewhere deep inside me, I knew my skin could be better like if I wasn’t paying so much attention to it now, imagine what it would look like if I did.  So I read a couple of articles and watched videos on the importance of a skincare routine, how to start one, the basic, affordable products to start with and more.

skincare routine

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Details from my research on skincare;

  1. Skincare isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity, i.e everyone should have a skincare routine or in simple terms, practice some form of skincare regularly.
  2. Great skin helps improve your overall confidence in yourself.
  3. Skincare is therapeutic, it helps take away all the stress and replenishes you.
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive, there are different price ranges for different products.
  5. What works for one isn’t guaranteed to work for all.

Armed with this new understanding of skincare and skincare routines, I decided to start a daily/weekly routine with affordable products I can trust to get the job done.

skincare for beginners


Again, I am not a guru on this and I am sincerely hoping to God I don’t regret using a particular product or worse, have my skin react negatively. For this reason, I visit Shoprite or Miniso stores for my skincare products, somehow I trust these brands, not to stock products that are harmful and to get the best prices for a beginner like me.

I will share pictures of some products I got in this post and in another post, talk about their pros and cons, how to use them and why I got them. Let me know in the comment section if you are interested in that sort of content and if you have a skincare routine.