skincare products

Growing up, skincare products were luxuries I could not afford, in fact, it was never part of my budget and I could not be bothered by such frivolities. Now I am older, doing my best to live intentionally, and I decided skincare is something I want to pay attention to. Not for anyone but for myself as I realized looking good, helps boost my overall confidence, I wrote a blog post on that, you can read here.

That aside, I knew I was a beginner and had a tight budget for skincare products, so I put on my researcher cap and went to work. Spent time reading articles, watching videos. taking note of what was important to add to my starter pack and most importantly searching for budget-friendly products.skincare for beginners

During my research, I discovered drugstore products. Drug store skincare products are products you generally buy at a drugstore/pharmacy/supermarket, usually, they are cheaper than the high-end brands but still offer quality and a wide range of products.

Once I found out about this, I knew it was the best place to start for my skincare products. My best drugstore in Lagos is ICM/Shoprite, you can almost always get anything there, so I started my search there. Below are some things I got from there;sun screen

  1. Bio Balance Sun Protection Facial Cream (N3350); according to experts, your skincare kit is incomplete without sunscreen, so this was my first buy, got it at ICM.
  2. Beauty Formulas Facial Scrub Honey and Almond (N1199); had this a while ago and got it from ICM.
  3. Beauty Formulas Gentle Soft Apricots Cleansing Facials wipes (N1000); got this to take off make or clean my face when necessary.
  4. Micellar Cleansing Water (N1000)
  5. Beauty Formular Tea Tree Facial Mask, (N1000)
  6. Beauty Formular Detoxifying Bubble Mask (N850)
  7. Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner (N2500)
  8. Q7 Renue Essence Serum (N3500)
  9. Cotton Pad (N600)
  10. Cotton Wool (N150)

skincare for beginner

There you go, a quick run-through of what I have in my skincare starter pack, less than 15,000 and just a little above 10k, guess we can call this an affordable variety of skincare products for beginners. Note, this is not a review post, so I am only sharing the prices and since I have only used these products together for less than a month, I would hold on my review.


According to research, it takes a while before the results start to show, so I am not in a rush. This was just to give some insights on what you can get as a beginner too. I hope you find this useful.

Also, because I couldn’t find the receipts of all the products I purchased, I did a quick research online to get the prices for each. So the prices may differ but it shouldn’t be far from what is mentioned here.