Sencillo Lagos

There are beaches and there is Sencillo Lagos! What?! OMG!

I posted pictures and videos from my visit on my Whatsapp and Instagram stories and I got loads of the “where is this?” question, someone even asked, “is this in Lagos?”

My dear, it is Sencillo, a private beach in Lagos, Nigeria. I sincerely do not think pictures do it justice, it is so beautiful!

I want to tell you all the beauty and luxury I experienced but I will allow the pictures do the talking instead and let you decide if you want to visit.

My visit was sponsored by work.

Sencillo was chosen for our yearly retreat to unwind and stretch before office work resumes proper.

When my boss decided our retreat was happening at Sencillo, I remember going on Instagram to check out the location and I fell in love, so much for thinking Tarkwa Bay was the best beach in Lagos.sencillo

Now I know better.

With an idea of what the location looked like, I chose to wear a short flowery dress I got from Miskay Boutique last year.

Sencillo is located at Ilashe, Lagos.

We took take a boat from Lekki down to the beach, depending on the size and speed of the boat you decide to go with, timing varies. We used a speed boat; it was a 25-30minutes ride.

Once on land, there was another 2 minutes car ride to the beach house, but it was all worth it, the view was amazing.

In my opinion, it would make for a perfect honeymoon location or even a wedding location, if well planned. Sencillo Lagos is simply beautiful!

Now I understand why people go to private beaches, it is more comfortable to wear a bikin here, especially for those who are shy.

I wish I had my swim wear with me, it would have been heavenly.Sencillo Lagos

I haven’t been to that many private beaches so it would be hard to fault this one.

Sencillo has well maintained swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bathrooms, bed rooms, kitchen, lounge, garden, volleyball court and a serene beach.

What more could anyone be looking for in a beach house? I also love the structure, simple and classy, every content creators dream place for pictures and videos.

I definitely took more than 100 pictures, lol.

Sincerely, all I can say now is, I look forward to going to more private beaches.sencillo

*Coughs* can I end here now? Lolz… I can legit see you looking through my words to see where I talk about the price.

I didn’t have to pay any money to visit but I asked my colleague who worked on organizing the retreat just in-case you decide to visit too.

To secure the beach house for a day cost 550,000 naira. It’s a lot for one person who isn’t Otedola or Dangote, but here is the catch, who says it has to be only you?

What’s the fun in that?sencillo

For my visit, we were about 35 people, that was fun!

If I wanted to plan with friends, it would cost less than 20,000 naira per people. Do the math if you like.

That I think is not bad to experience this luxury.Sencillo

Note though, you would also need to factor in boat and feeding cost as those are not included in the beach house fee. Again, if you plan well with friends, you would have a great day without breaking a bank.

I hope you are not rolling your eyes and thinking “errmmm, na only rich man fit visit Sencillo, I am not a big man.” Jessica Fortunes

My dear, if no one has ever told you, allow me to be the first, you deserve luxury too!

Yes you might have to save more or do multiple jobs to get it, but please never think luxury is beyond you.

Cheers to living our best life today and normalizing luxury!