self love

If anyone had mentioned self-love to me in the past I most likely would have ignored or simply nodded without truly understanding the concept and why it was necessary. Like my first impression with skincare, I figured it was just another expensive notion I could not afford to indulge in and it was meant for only those in the ‘upper classes.

However, I was wrong, very wrong to have thought I didn’t deserve self-love, it is no wonder in the last few months, I have suffered from burn out, imposter syndrome, anxiety and many more. I work so hard to be successful, juggling different jobs to meet end means, while saving and investing for my future but I didn’t understand or practise self-love, what a shame!

I haven’t spoken much on the blog about my struggle with doubt and every other emotion that threatened to kill my spirit, maybe I will soon, maybe never, time will tell, what I can say for free is, living life on auto-pilot will do you more harm than good. Battling all these emotions I couldn’t understand drove me to that point where I had to stop everything I was doing and just look.

This period of doing nothing was a time I spent reflecting, healing, redefining my goals, and setting boundaries. Sincerely, I am still on a journey to having full control of how I feel, but one thing is sure, I am done living life on speed dial, now, every move is intentional towards the kind of life I want for myself.

I talked about living intentionally here, but what I didn’t mention is self-love is an aftermath of intentional living. To live with intent starts from within, it is like breaking that whole being into smaller bites to understand and care for the right way, this is where self-love comes in. I am not very sure if I am explaining this to you the right way or you get my point but it is an inside work, one I am excited to be on and discovering every day.

self love

As I progress, I will share with you but for now; let me share how I practice self-love;

  1. By looking good; I have always admired those that looked good and sometimes wondered how they did it effortlessly, in recent times, I have taken deliberate steps to care for my skin, hair, clothes and overall look because I deserve it.
  2. Buying and reading books; before social media, reading books was my all-time favourite thing to do, somehow I lost that. But most recently, I have put out a portion of my earnings to buying new books, reading and sharing lessons learnt here.
  3. Getting trained; outside school certificate, I don’t have any other certificate to my name but in my head, I have a million and one things I hope to achieve or become, imagine?! Thankfully, I told myself the truth, and have started with online training to improve myself.
  4. Resting; this has to be one of the most underrated forms of self-love but very effective. Since I realised the importance of rest, I clear my table to give me enough time to rest during weekends and spend time with family.
  5. Cooking; the kitchen has never been my favourite room in the house but now, I am always searching for one recipe or the other to try next. Made something here!
  6. Decluttering; I never would have thought this would have any impact on how I feel but it does, I spent this last weekend going over my clothes, amending, seeing what fits and what doesn’t. After doing this, I discovered things I owned but never used and found new ways to use some items, it made me so happy and confident.
  7. Taking my vitamins; I hate, hate drugs, the smell and taste make me nausea every time but I have taken it upon myself to take my vitamins and pay attention to my health.

I am sure different people have different ways of practising self-love but these are a few ways I am learning to love myself and truth be told, I am enjoying of bit of it. I can’t even explain to you how much has changed, if you thought I was confident, now it is two times more.

I don’t mean to sound like a motivational speaker, but you serve some love b, love your self, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just do the little things that make you happy.

If it matters to you, I love you so much!