save money

I got myself a laptop!!!! Might not mean anything to you, but it is a big deal to me. For one who is used to asking parents for things I need, having to save money for it is a win and makes me feel like I finally hit adulthood.

A quick back story to how I got here, I have had a laptop since I was young, my dad was kind enough to make sure we had one at home to practice with. So when I started work and needed a laptop, it just made sense to take the one at home. I figured all laptops were the same, weren’t they?

Alas, I was wrong! It was during the course of working that I realized there are different types of laptops, with different functionalities, most especially, my laptop was lacking a lot. As a good child, or trying to be a contented child, I continued using my laptop from home.

I worked with that for a few years but as my work load increased, I realized everything wrong with my laptop and was ready for a change. This time I had an idea of what I wanted, from features to looks, and all those fancy things, giiirrl, I was ready!

Ask me how I was going to get it? My first line of action was, my dad of course. So, I carefully packaged my story on why I needed a change and went to him. I got the shock of my life guys,  his response was, “that’s good, so how much have you saved for it?”, What? I legit didn’t see that coming, like has something possessed my dad? I wasn’t getting it.

Then he explains, “it isn’t priority right now, but even if you want it, you should have something.” I still didn’t get it, so I proceed to ask my mum, actually not ask, went to complain on how my dad wasn’t bulging.

She did me the favor of re-explaining, she said, “you have worked for years now, don’t you have any savings?” But my money isn’t for this na, I replied, then she asked, “what is it for?” There and then it dawn on me, if I wanted a laptop so bad, I needed to save money for it.

This my dearies, is where my journey of saving money for a laptop started. Below I will share some things I did that helped me with saving money and achieving my goal, call it my novice tips for saving money towards a project.

This is not to say I didn’t have any money saved prior to wanting this, I had savings but they weren’t towards a laptop or anything. I was just saving money for saving sake, so it was hard to take money from there, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. This tells you the kind of relationship I had with money. So what did I do?

1. Read books on finance; whew, thank God for “Smart Money Tribe” by Arese Ugwu. I had read the “Smart Money Woman” in the past, it was one major reason I started a mutual fund a year ago. So I already knew to save money and invest, but with “Smart Money Tribe”, I learnt that money is a tool.

So much for saving if you have no plans for it or cannot use it to give yourself the best. Is that really saving? So why all the hard work? From reading that book, I learnt it was ok to use my money too, so I felt less guilty.

2. Activated a new bank account; prior to this time, I had two active bank accounts, one was the mutual fund, the other was my expenses account. What I did then was transfer a part of my pay into a mutual fund and kept the rest for recurring expenses, not too bad. But after reading on finance, I thought it wise to have a third bank account, this I tagged my saving towards a goal account.

This time rather than split my pay into two, I split into three, one for recurring expenses, one for a short term goals and third for emergency or just keep sake. So when I hit my money target for the short term goal, it was easy to debit the account.

3. Made a budget; everyone who talks about money, talks about budgeting too, so I will only be reinstating what you already know, you need a budget! I am not about to sit here and say, I got this thing called budgeting on a lock down, because I don’t but lucky for me, I got the Dime Broker budget sheet.

Dime Broker is a monthly budget sheet I use to plan my income, expenses, savings and investments. I was gifted the budget sheet and by using this, I am able to track my money, discipline myself and reach my money goals easier. The budget sheet cost 1000 naira, and you get 10% off if you use the discount code JESSFORTUNE.

4.Cut all unnecessary expenses; I can’t deny, COVID helped me do this better. Since I was home most of the time, I was able to cut expenses and save more. With my goal in mind, I made sure to ask weigh my expenses.

So guys, those are the major changes I made to save money for my laptop. They are four point made but man, it wasn’t so easy. Yes, it isn’t easy saving money towards a goal but it is worth it. The joy I have from achieving this, makes me excited to save towards something else.

The feeling is divine! So if I could do it, regardless of our pay differences, you can too and you should, you deserve it.

Till next time, guess what I will be saving towards next?

(Disclaimer; I do not get any money from you buying the budget, it is just my little way of supporting you on your financial journey. Thankful to the founder who was kind to give us a discount.)