birthday girl

It was my mum’s birthday on the 12th of December and as is the case every year on her birthday, I had to come up with birthday gift ideas for her.

birthday gift ideas for her

My mum

I should say that gifting for me has always been a chore because I don’t have the money for big gifts yet. I mean, I love to gift people but I am lost for what to gift them because of your girl, me is broke (I am not really broke in Jesus’ Name! Lol).

Birthday gift ideas for her

Birthday girl…

But since finishing school and starting work, I have just felt like I should be able to gift my mum on every birthday. It’s been two years since after university, (find out about my life after university here) and last year I was able to gift her a phone.

Don’t be deceived oh! I was able to gift her that because I had saved towards it. This year though, the feeling to want to outdo last year’s gift for her came and I kept thinking, what could I get her with my limited cash right now that would be more than the phone?

While I know now that was me putting unnecessary pressure on myself, I can only imagine how many of us do the same. You know, trying to break the bank to gift for her. Her here could be your sister, girlfriend, daughter, basically any female in your life.

Birthday gift ideas

The birthday girl and I

Sincerely, it shouldn’t be that hard. Gifting as I have learned (shared some lessons learned here) in these few months leading to her birthday is more of the thought and intentions. I am not saying you can’t gift her a plane. Biko, if you can afford it, go ahead. But if you can’t, don’t beat yourself about it, there are some really amazing gift ideas for her at affordable prices.

gift ideas for her

birthday girl uses snapchat too… lol

I know this because with less than 10,000 Naira, I got my mum some personalized gifts and I saw her face light up like it had last year. I know that sounds unbelievable but I keep reading to see some gift ideas for her;

Gift Ideas For Her

Personalized Birthday Card; please don’t tell me cards are out of fashion because darlings, are still so much in vogue and when they are personalized with specific messages, they are even more special. I saw my mum’s face light up when she saw her picture on the card and read the message I wrote in it especially for her.

birthday gift ideas for her from Notjust Pulp

personalized card with her picture and a personal message

This card from Not Just Pulp cost me 3,500 which I think is the largest size they have. But there are smaller cards for less. This is not a sponsored post, so when I say it was worth it, I mean it.

Personalized throw pillow; I remember thinking of getting her this gift and I asked myself, what will she use this for? I mean, we have so many pillows in the house. But then, when she saw it, she said “I will put this in my car”, that did it for me. At that moment I was grateful I got it for her.

birthday gift idea for her from Pillowtalk9ja

Personalized throw pillow with her name and birthday message.

The throw pillow which had her name and a birthday message was from PillowTalk 9ja for 5,500 Naira and this is another great gift idea for her.

birthday gift ideas for her

Throwback with the birthday girl.

And that’s it for now, I will update as I discover more, don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday in the comment. Bye for now!