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As a budding Nigerian lifestyle blogger, I am pissed and offended every time I go on Google to search for Nigerian lifestyle bloggers, and the first name I see is Linda Ikeji.

Hey, I have nothing against Linda but last I checked, she is not a lifestyle blogger by any standard. If I am correct, Linda is a gossip blogger.

But somehow, people seem to forget the difference and so every major post about Nigerian bloggers has her name and forgive me but she isn’t doing a good job in portraying the industry as her posts are mostly scandalous.

For this reason and the fact that I had to struggle to search for Nigerian lifestyle bloggers to read and learn from, I am making a list of actual Nigerian lifestyle bloggers I love and follow.

Hoping that those who intend to go into lifestyle blogging in Nigeria can learn from them too. But before I continue, I should give a definition of who a lifestyle blogger is.

Who is a lifestyle blogger;

“A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities. As such, lifestyle blogs are oftentimes highly personalized to the author’s location, life stage, and experience”

Now we know that, in no particular order, here are my top Nigerian Lifestyle bloggers;

1. Tuke Morgan
I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled on her page, but I guess it must have been during one of my many adventures trying to find a lifestyle blogger in Nigeria I can relate with. I found her page and I am glad that I did.

Tuke Morgan Nigerian lifestyle blogger

Tuke is a Lifestyle blogger, saxophonist, and food photographer. As with every new blogger, I come across and the usual custom for me is to go through their old posts, call me a stalker if you want but I like to understand their journey, it helps me with mine.

Anyway, I did this with Tuke and boy oh boy, I learned a lot. Seeing her first post from her NYSC experience to going for events with friends, her documentation of her outfits, and style till her present posts, one thing is certain, she has grown and so has her craft.

Tuke Morgan

If you ask me, her blog tells the story of her everyday life as she strives to hit her goals with hopes of aspiring others to reach theirs too, do check her out.

2. Ijeoma Kola

Ijeoma Kola a Nigerian lifestyle bloggerThis another blogger I love, love, love. Although she is not based in Nigeria, she is from Nigeria hence, she made the list for me.

Ijeoma is a public health researcher, blogger, and entrepreneur. I first came across her content while I was trying to grow my then natural hair (sorry that train has moved), but even after I stopped trying the natural hair journey, I didn’t stop loving her content.

Her blog posts remind me every day that as a woman, you can have it all. Do you know how people often say a woman can’t have a career and a family? Well, she did it!

Ijeoma Kola

This where I tell you Ijeoma is a Ph.D. holder. We went through that journey with her, now she is having a baby, baby Kola and she is sharing that with us too.

Anyway, I think you should check her out too.

3. Cassie Daves

Cassie Daves Luckily, I remember how I found Cassie, or not really. But I do remember going on Google to search for some locations in Lagos I would love to visit and one of her blog posts came up.

I remember reading about her visit to Fela shrine just before I went to Felabration.

Since then, I have been a fan of hers. Her blog tells a beautiful story of her life, the ups, and the downs. A young lady earnestly trying to find her space in this world and also leave her mark in the sand of time.

From reading her posts, I have seen her be a runway model on one day, a medical student on another and most recently, a communications expert. She reminds me that it is ok to have different passions and follow them all.

I think I should mention that she is one Nigerian lifestyle blogger whose post almost always appears on Google.

Cassie Daves

That alone tells me she knows her SEO game, so I am stuck with her, you would be too, check her out.

4. Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh Nigerian lifestyle bloggerDimma, I like to call her my Igbo sister. Though she documents her journey more through vlogs, I still consider her a Nigerian lifestyle blogger that should be celebrated. Her contents are amazing and so relatable.

I found her on YouTube while searching for a makeup tutorial, then she was heavily into makeup but now has metamorphosed into lifestyle blogging and is killing it with her originality.

I am one to run away from watching YouTube videos, I would rather read because data isn’t cheap but something about Dimma makes me keep wanting more of her content. She gives this vibe of simplicity and class that I love.

Dimma Umeh

See, just check her out, you would love her too.

5. Ifeoma Amadi

Ifeoma AmadiI first started following Ifeoma on Instagram, was drawn to how neat and well put together Instagram page is.

If I remember clearly, her first blog post I read was about her thrifting journey. It seemed weird that a style blogger was advocating thrift aka okrika. I was wowed!

Anyway, I have kept up with her since then and I think it would be fair to say she is one Nigerian lifestyle blogger who has made thrifting a thing that no one should be shy of.

Ifeoma Amadi Nigerian lifestyle blogger

I look forward to her thrifting adventures as she shares that with us, which in turn helps me get affordable dresses and slay.

Ok, it just occurred to me that everyone I have mentioned so far is female, oh boy. That was not intentional. I should start reading from more male bloggers.

As I said, these are my top lifestyle bloggers, we don’t have to argue on that. It’s ok if you don’t agree, just drop names of your favorites in the comments and I will check them out.

I hope that’s ok. In the meantime, kindly share with me the names of male Nigerian lifestyle bloggers you enjoy reading from.


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