These past weeks one thing I have consistently done is watch one Netflix movie or the other. I hate to say it but it appears movies have taken over books and I am not complaining only my data feels it though.

So I thought it fair to share some of the best movies I have seen on Netflix; in no particular order;

  1. Bold Type; This is a series based on the lives of 3 ladies in their twenties, Kat, Sutton, and Jane as they try to find their places in a big world. The story touches relationships, career, family dynamics and more, sincerely every Twenty-something lady can relate to it. I enjoyed watching, not just because it was good story, with beautiful people, great picture quality but also because every episode was a learning curve for me. I highly recommend!Netflix TV series
  2. Lucifer; just as the name implies, this series tells the story of the devil on earth, weirdly it makes the devil seems so cool, a girl is tripping. May God help us! The catch here is the story line, it is very different, it’s not everyday someone plays the devil with the right dose of humor, romance and family drama. I love it! Plus the use of irony and satire in the movie is genius.Netflix Series
  3. Bling Empire; this is a reality TV show around the life of rich Asians in America. It is hilarious, and I enjoyed watching rich people, because I am a rich girl too. This series was mostly cruise, partying, and the dynamics of relationships.Bling Empire
  4. Emily In Paris; A young lady relocated to Paris for work, just like the title depicts and she takes us on her journey. This movie would make you want to visit Paris, the city of love. netflix movies
  5. Bridgeton; watching this movie, I remembered my days of reading romance novels in secondary school, those days I would read and try to imagine what was happening. With this movie, I could see what I had
  6. Malcolm & Marie; This movie is another different story line, with two characters, it explores the dynamics of a relationship between a man and a woman which is rarely spoken about.Netflix
  7. Queen Sono; I enjoy seeing women being the heroes in action movies, Queen Sono did that for me and I loved watching her do all the stunts while also finding herself and love.Netflix TVAnd there you go, some of my best movies so far. Share yours with me!