skincare routines and products

It’s been over 2 months since the last blog post on my skincare routine, journey and products. That’s not because I have stopped practicing skincare, rather, I thought it best to actually use the products long enough to see how well my skin evolves, plus if I would recommend them.

According to skincare experts, it takes roughly 2-3 months of consistent use for skincare products to have an impact, so I was just following the experts on this one, hence the delay on this. For me it’s been over two months since I started a skincare routine so I think I am ready to talk about my experience.

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skincareAgain, I am a beginner so anything I share here isn’t some expert review but me detailing my experiences from using the products. The article linked above has a list of what my beginner skincare routine contains plus prices, so do well to check it out as this article is focused on my experience.

First, my routine is very basic as I really do not have any major skin issues, and I do not want to be playing around with products without any doctor’s advice. Before arriving at the conclusion of what should be added to my routine, I did my research and found some basic and beginner items to start with, they included toners, cleansers, sun screen, face mask, serums etc.

skincare rountine

this a screenshot from my fave skincare enthusiast and she explained not to focus on products. She also shared this basic routine which I adopted.

On my experience using these products, guys, I can’t even lie that my skin was thanking me. Like the glow has been something else.

I remember when I first got these products, my mum was skeptical about me spending money on these items since I didn’t have any major skin issues but after some weeks, she would randomly say to me “your skin is just shining oh”. Lol

Once she started, she decided to join me in using them and I literary saw her stop using makeup, she would say “my skin is already fresh, no need for make up today” as she made applying these products a routine and when we were running out of products, she gave me money to buy some more.

If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what else is, a Nigerian mum gives you money for skincare products, and you should know what that is already. I was really glad about it and personally, I saw a few changes to my skin, from an improved tone color, to reduced black heads, to shinning and highly moisturized face.

I have never been a makeup enthusiast but my bare face game was heightened and I loved it! So for a beginner, I definitely recommend these products. I mean, we ran out of products last week and when I went to restock, I got the same products again except for my toner.


pictured on the right is the new toner i switched to. It has rosewater and glycerin.

I saw a toner that had rosewater and glycerin so I decided to give that a try and see which I love more. So far, I have noticed my face feels tightened and some days after using it, my mum said “this is stronger the last one oh”. She is legit the actual reviewer, lol. Time will tell how much we love it but for now, I am enjoying having a skin care routine, I think you should start one too if you don’t already.

It’s something I look forward to do every night before bed and morning before I start my day. You would love it too.