Road trip from Lagos to Cotonou

After my trip to Cotonuo, most of you wanted a total cost breakdown of my trip to help you plan your trip to Cotonuo, Benin Republic, who am I not to provide you with all the details you need?

Since I have extensively written about my experiences; day 1, day 2 and day 3 in Cotonuo, this post is a calculation of how much I spent to help you plan and budget effectively;

Note; I believe you can spend lesser than I did when planning yours. On this trip, I allowed myself to splurge because it was my birthday.

Now let’s go straight into the calculation;


I stayed at an airbnb while in Cotonuo called Le Petite Paris, it cost $294.71 (112, 284 naira) for 2 nights. The cost was split amongst me and my travel buddies, we were four in number so each person paid 29,000 approximately for two nights.

Our initial plan was to spend 2 nights in Cotonuo, but while there, we decided to extend our stay and that cost each of us an extra 15,000 naira.

So total for accommodation was 44,000 naira for 3 nights per person.

Transportation to Cotonuo and back to Lagos;

Traveled by road to Cotonuo using a small car from mazamaza to our apartment in Cotonuo and from our apartment back to Festac, it cost each of us 30,000 naira each.

At seme boarder, we paid 1,500 each to stamp our passports into Benin Republic and out of Nigeria. Coming back to Lagos, we paid 1,500 naira each to stamp our passports out of Benin Republic and into Nigeria.

Total; 33,000 naira per person

Transportation within Cotonuo;cotonuo from Lagos

I would be lying if I told you I can remember every detail of how much we spent on transportation within the city. What I do remember is, we used mostly bikes that cost from 150 CFA to 800 CFA, the one time we used a cab to Bab’s Dock it cost us 4500 CFA to and 3000 CFA back to our apartment.

The amount you pay for transportation within the city is dependent on your negotiating power, there is really no general price.

Total; 5000 naira per person (this is mostly because we split the cost amongst ourselves)


This is another cost I can not adequately calculate because we did more cooking, than eating out. The few times we bought things outside were within the range of 100 CFA to 1000 CFA. blacks travel too

However, from the few times we went to the market, we spent from 10000 CFA to 20000 CFA, the good thing was, all cost was split into 4 for each person, so that made it relatively affordable.


The only place we visited that required us to pay was Bab’s Dock, and that cost 2500 CFA per person. The beach was free, Karaoke was free, drinks at the club was settled by the guys.

Based on all these, I spent approximately 100,000 naira on my trip to Cotonuo;

Accomodation; 44,000 naira + Transportation; 33,000 naira + Feeding & Recreation = 23,000

Again, it could have been cheaper, I believe that if you do more research, you will find cheaper means of transportation and accommodation.

I wanted convenience, a vacation trill and an opportunity to create dope content, so I choose the easy and slightly costlier way, but depending on what you are looking to gain from your trip, it could cost more or lesser.

Did I have any regrets? Nope, it was a stress free and adventurous journey. I had an amazing time!Fidjrosse beach

There you have it, I hope this helps you in planning your trip to Cotonuo, feel free to ask questions in the comments if you have any, I will reply as soon as I can.