read list for 2020
One thing I have done consistently these last few months has been buying books, reading and sharing lessons learnt from books here on my blog. This has been my way of improving me as most of the books are towards helping me become a better creative, corporate professional, and individual. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg True to it, every book I have read has positively impacted me, to an extent; they have boosted my confidence and helped me see my journey through life a lot differently and with more clarity. I am happy I decided to spend my money this way and I look forward to buying more books in 2021. Big Magic Yes, I said 2021! I have reached my limit for the year as I have over 5 unread books sitting comfortably on my shelf. Until I am able to finish reading those books, I am not buying any other, lol, call it a punishment to myself. I am also come to the conclusion that I have failed on my goal of reading 50 books this year, 2020, so next year we go again. That said, I decided to share with  you some books I have read so far this year that have greatly impacted me. These are my read list for year 2020;  

That’s my read list for 2020. Feel free to share with me books you have read and loved so far.

Till next time, bye!