lagos leather fair

Sincerely, I didn’t go for the Lagos Leather Fair because I wanted to or because I was excited about it, I went there because work called and I had to answer. Now though, I am glad I went for the event.

Lagos leather fair 2019
St. Davids

The 2019 Lagos Leather Fair event with the theme ‘Advancing the conversation’ took place at Habour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos from the 7th-8th of September 2019. I only went for the event on the 7th but I would like to share my experience here.

Lagos leather fair 2019

I got to the event which started at 10 am with exhibitions by 1 pm. This was my first time attending so I didn’t have any expectations, also it was my first time attending an exhibition. I really didn’t know what to look forward to, but went with there with an open mind.

Lagos leather fair 2019
Yili Footwear

With no expectations, I wasn’t disappointed.

Lagos leather fair 2019
Lagos leather fair 2019

Habour Point was a good location for the event, it was centralised and easy for me to locate even though I came with public transport. For those who drove to the event, I would say the same for them as there was a good parking space outside the hall.

Lagos leather fair 2019
Lagos leather fair
Catwalk session

The crowd was ok, not too many people, easy to walk through, was easy to see the different sections of the hall. They also had good decor, I would say picture freaks like me were put into consideration when planning went on.

I went for Felabration too, check it out here

Now inside, I saw amazing designs by Nigerians in Nigeria. I was amazed. This for me was the highlight of the event. I usually would complain about how made in Nigeria products were expensive and not up to standard.

Lagos leather fair

After the Lagos Leather Fair, I will not be saying such again. After listening to designers talk about their work, the hustle, what goes into every design/collection, the exclusivity of these items, I look forward to supporting them.

Lagos Leather fair

I really would want to say a big thank you to the organizers of the Lagos Leather Fair. Having worked with start-ups for a while, I know one of the biggest challenges for them is getting their works out there for people to see.

I am happy with the aim of The Lagos Leather Fair, which is to promote the Nigerian Leather Industry. This they did very well and I hope this continues.

After a couple of hours talking, moving around and of course doing my work, I was ready to leave at about 4 pm. Sincerely, this was because I was hungry, oh and the organizers did not have us foodies in mind, or they did since there were places to buy food in the hall.

But I, for whatever reason, did not have enough money on me to buy oh, so I had to go back home. For next time though, I really think there should be some form of menu. Let me shout out to designers who gave me snacks though, you all saved a soul.

Errm, I should also mention that there were masterclasses but I didn’t attend any. Let’s just call this my testing ground and I was impressed. Hopefully, there will be a next time and then I will be better prepared.

And that’s it for me on the Lagos Leather Fair, 2019.