My Journey as a Social Media Manager Comes To An End

social media manager

Hold up! It is not as bad as you are probably thinking about that title. On second thought, it is bad. I will explain. Remember, I told you one of the things I have done with my life up until this moment is to manage social media accounts i.e social media manager. Do not remember? Check my about page.

Thinking about my next move…

To be fair, managing social media accounts was great for me while it lasted. Having started from earning 7 000 per month to earning six figures per month, it was good to me but now, I am done. Oops, I should have started from the beginning, but you already know I am usually confused, please forgive me (unless you are new, welcome!).

Upon graduating from university in the year 2017, I got my first job as PA to an artiste, a TV presenter, and Blogger. I definitely was living the life, don’t you think? For a fresh graduate, I thought so too. Part of my job description was managing all her social media accounts.

Prior to this time, I did not know anyone was paid for doing such. I mean, ‘is it not just to post?’. Again, I was balling. This period, which lasted close to a year, exposed me to tools of social media, the importance of YouTube and Google, phone photography and many more.

At the end of this job, I knew various ways of making money online, with Instagram being my specialty. When it was time for my one-year compulsory service, also known as NYSC, I jumped into managing social media accounts for small businesses/startups. I mean who does not like extra cash.

Been doing that until date and at this point, I am tired. Do not get me wrong, I still like money and making money online is cool but I am thinking of some other ways to make money that does not involve managing social media accounts.

Please do not feel sorry for me, its a decision I am proud of. I really am fine but tired of living and breathing social media accounts. For the past two years of managing pages, I have literally been online every day.

I am expected to post 7 days a week across the pages I manage, what is left? Not only that, to truly get the best of it, you should be online engaging with your audience. Now tell me, when do I have time for me? I need my time, please. Sometimes all I want to do is take a break from the pressure of social media but I cannot.

As amazing as social media is if not well controlled could be toxic. For me, it has taken a toll and now I need to get out and get my head straight.

Also, the realization that most small businesses/startups I have worked with on social media have the same problem, is my cue to leaving to find a solution. Yes, I am leaving to find a solution.

The problem of most small businesses on social media is content. You heard right friend, content! Social media relies heavily on content and once a business is unable to do this, the work of a social media manager is made tough. I don’t like tough!

I should also talk about the part that I have managed social media pages from fashion to entertainment, to catering, Startups, tech and boy oh boy, with every page, I am expected to learn about the industry.

Imagine learning about things I am not interested in? It was fun doing it at a point, but as I grow and learn about my strengths and weaknesses, I also realize I need to drop somethings.

Focus and build on my strengths, cause the more I try to juggle all, I am loosing myself and failing at delivering on my KPIs.

I don’t want that to happen, hence I am taking a back sit.

But the real deal of it all is, managing social media pages is not what I want to be known for. Naah! It was a starting point for me in the online world, now, it is time for me to move up.

Hence, this is my official resignation letter as a social media manager.

That in no way means I will be going off the online world, I will still make money online/ social media but rather than managing an account, I will be involved in creating written and audio content, developing strategies for brands, leading social media campaigns and more.

Call this a bye for now..

Anyways, just before my final wrap on this journey, what do you want to know about managing social media accounts?


social media manager


  1. Preach sister! This was the decision I made this month. No more social media page management. First, it’s mentally draining and my personal brand suffered big time. Worse part is small businesses want magic and would not want to pay. Maybe it’s just the people that approached me shaa.

    I became so addicted to my phone that I started losing friendships 😭. But know I know my strengths and Social Media management helped me gain most of the digital skills I have now. I don’t regret working as a SM manager. But I’m moving on to other things; building my brand, content writing and getting interns that I can share my SM management skills with so they can start making money for themselves.

  2. This isn’t even easy to think I manage social media pages and also trying to build my website development career. Please I need all the help I can get. Curating content is tasking enough but them people thinking it’s easy and under pricing is even more annoying

  3. Jessica oo. Honestly ehn, this post is timely. I am thinking of starting a side hustle in Social Media Management and Tbh, my reason for that right now is a bit complicated but I would still love to go for it. But I don’t know where to start from or How To go about it, so please help your girl out! Thank you!
    To prevent myself from being drained, I intend to manage just a social media account. But How To Start, I’m clueless. Help pls

    • Please go for it. I don’t regret taking up social media management as a side hustle, it was worth it. I am just at that point where it is time for me to move to something else that interests me. Start with your own page, watch Youtube videos, read blog posts about it.

  4. You’ve done well! Realizing that there’s always some more and better you can do that also allows you time for other parts of your life is very important.
    I hope you constantly find fulfillment in all you do going forward.

    Love and Light
    FIRI ✨💛


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