Paint balling in Lagos

Let it be known that I have successfully ticked paint-balling in Lagos off my bucket list with Kampari Tours and I made it out alive!

That felt so good to say, lol… for the longest time, I have had paint-balling on my list of things to do in Lagos. I remember someone sending me a message to try paint-balling. In his words, “alpha females like you do well with the triggers”. Hence when I got an invite from Kampari Tours to join their paint-balling session on Sunday, 15 of November 2020, I said YES!

From my kayaking experience with Kampari, I knew I was in for a great time.

So I did a mini research on outfit ideas for paint-balling, eventually settled for a denim look. I wore my favorite crazy jeans with a tan top, a denim jacket and pink sneakers. I think I made a great choice with that, because I looked really good if you ask me.

The session was slated for 3pm-6pm at Lekki. I got there some minutes past 3pm, met with Kimberly our guide for the day, and we spent a few minutes taking pictures while we waited for other group members to arrive. Quickly, let me tell you a few things you should know about paint-balling;paint balling in lagos

Paintballing In Lagospaint balling in Lagos

  • It is a group game. There are two teams, each team has equal number of players, that is determined by how big or small the facility is.
  • It is a game of target. In simpler terms, a police and thief kind of scenario with each team up against the other.
  • It is a very sporty game, requires energy to carry the gun, run, hide and shoot at your opponent.kampari tour
  • Paint-balls are make believe bullets, so just like the bullets in a gun needs to be topped up, so do your paint-balls. If you run out of paint-balls while the game is still on, you lose.
  • The paint-balls hurt! This is the part many people don’t tell you enough, don’t be deceived by the name paint ball, if you are hit by it my darling, you will feel it, so hide well.
  • Dress up in clothes you wouldn’t mind getting paint on.paint balling

Ok, I think that covers everything you should know, all of which Kimberly told me while we waited.

Few minutes past 4pm, it was time for my group to go in. Before getting into the arena, we got dressed with overalls and masks, got our paint-balls, and guns too as if going to fight a war.

paint balling in Lagos

First round, I was so excited, I practiced a few James Bond moves dodging from and shooting at my opponents’ lolz… until I got hit on my jaw by a sharp shooter. I am not sure why my mask didn’t protect me from being hit but man, it hurt so bad, the aspiring James Bond in me disappeared real quick.

Don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny at all!

Funny, I went back for a second round since I didn’t get to finish my paint-balls the first time, I didn’t learn enough it appears. Anyways, this time I was calmer… didn’t practice any stunts, I legit spent more time hiding than actually shooting but guess what? I still got shot a second time, this time, it was on my hand. That I was hit on my hand didn’t make it hurt less, brothers and sisters, it hurt times two and I almost screamed my head out.

Thankfully, I finished my balls in the second round. Feels weird saying that because I don’t remember successfully shooting anyone…

Out of the arena and back to reality, my legs felt wobbly, lol… my hands ached, scratch that, my whole body ached. I probably saw double somewhere in between. There was not much to do after the second round and unlike others, I wasn’t for the life of me going to buy another set of balls to continue in the third round so, I had a drink to regain strength and made my way home while I still could.paint balling in Lagos

On my experience with Kampari tours, it was a smooth one, just like my first time with them. Smooth conversation, good company and great pictures. To go Paint-balling in Lagos with Kampari, as of today is 9,000 naira. It covers your balls, gate fee etc, check here for more details.

I need to stop here, my body still aches from the experience. But guess what? I will definitely try paint-balling again, hopefully, I can shoot at someone successfully. If you are looking for something adventurous to do in the city of Lagos, you should definitely try it too.Paint balling in Lagos

Ok, bye!