Christmas Wish List

You would think that since my last two posts were on Christmas gift ideas that I probably had the whole gifting thing on lock-down and didn’t need anyone gifting me right? My dear, that’s a lie! Even I the writer of gift ideas have a long Christmas wish list.

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Since I believe in miracles and I know God uses human beings to bless others, I am counting on Him to use you to bless me this Christmas; can I get an Amen somebody?! Hallelujah!christmas wish list

My Christmas Wish List

  1. An IPhone 11; *coughs*, I have spec please and this is the first thing on my list for several reasons but mostly because it would help improve my content game. I feel like it is about time I take things up a nudge, so help me God.
  2. A Blue Yeti USB Microphone; still on the content game, a microphone would improve the audio sound of my podcast, Twenty Somethings Rant.
  3. A mobile Tripod; when I get the phone, I will need a mini tripod to hold it while filming content.
  4. Head set; audio from a good headset bangs, so I have this on my Christmas list too

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ChristmasI promise my Christmas wish list isn’t all about content, lolz…. I can’t deny that creating better content is one of my major goals, I also have goals of becoming a baby girl. Some of my baby girl items on the list includes.

  1. Dresses; I am a Uk size 6 please
  2. Shoes; I like heels and flats in size 39 dear, lolz
  3. Skincare products; a glowing skin is the goal biko, so you can check out products I am currently using here or my new loves Arami Essentials or Amarisnaturel on Instagram.
  4. Jewelries; earrings, necklaces, bracelets or wristwatches, preferably in rose gold or silver.
  5. Bone straight hair; 18 iches to 24iches works just fine lolz

Just in case I missed any baby girl item and God is laying it in your heart to gift me, please go ahead, lolz. That’s a run down of my Christmas wish list but I can’t close the list without adding

  1. Visa & Plane ticket to the abroad, thank you dear.
  2. Money… even Dangote still they find money.

Ok, that’s it for real now.

Let me go and start praying for those God will use to attend to my wish list. You can always find me via my Instagram @jessicafortunes or send an email to if the Lord is leading you, ok?

Now your turn, what’s on your Christmas wish list?