Still on “22 the series”, and will be delving into 22 things I have on my bucket list for 22. In other words, 22 experiences/achievements I hope to have or accomplish before the end of 22. Guess what? This means, at the end of 22, you are allowed to ask me how far with this list and also, as I accomplish them, I will be sure to update you. In no particular order, let’s delve in, shall we?

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  • Speak in tongues (weird but as a Christian, I look forward to ticking this off in 22)
  • Get my first million (I do not have up to half a million as I write this, but I have faith)
  • Wear a bikini (I have never worn a proper swimming suit, a bikini is definitely a big deal for me)
  • Get drunk and have someone film me (I do not take alcohol but I would know what it feels like being drunk and the hangover after)
  • Get a pierce (most likely on my ear)
  • Travel to 10 states in my country, Nigeria (more places in the north)
  • Start a lasting business (keyword is lasting, had a couple of failed ones in the past.)
  • Go clubbing (I hope to see the four walls of a club in 22)
  • Travel outside Nigeria (I have a passport, it is visa I do not have)
  • Drive a car (I learned how to drive but never practiced)
  •  Organize a hangout for twenty-somethings
  • Buy asoebi for a friend’s wedding (asoebi means wedding cloth)
  • Sponsor myself to a concert (I have only gone to free/work sponsored gigs)
  • Ride a bicycle (I do not know if it is not too late, but I will try)

Bucket list

Errm… I know the title says 22 and it really should be 22, but I can’t think of 22 things oh! LOl… Permit me to stop here, or better still, drop something you think I should add on this list to make it complete. 

Bucket list


my bucketlist for twenty two