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I should be excited writing this but I am not. Sincerely the only reason I realized it was 2 years in for me as blogger was because I got a notice from mailchimp reminding me to renew my domain.

The thought of paying for yet another year that isn’t guaranteed to make me money felt really off and had me thinking, do I really want to continue this? Two years gone shouldn’t I already be able to pay for the domain through the blog proceeds? People make money from this, why is it different for me? What am I doing so wrong?Blogger

Funny how I know the answers to some of these but still doesn’t change how I feel. I keep reminding myself that some of my faves have been doing this for over 5/7 years now, so what’s the rush? I even tell myself sometimes, Jessica be patient, but that doesn’t stop me from sulking though, so I sulk anyway and wait for the feeling to fade off.

So as I write this, I am sulking and not smiling because I just paid for the domain despite my feelings. Want to help me feel better? Buy me ice-cream, food or just plain give me money.

2 years blogging

Blogger girl

Away from how I feel about not making money from blogging, I love this little space of mine on the internet and everyone of you who engages with me. Your comments, shares and likes helps me to keep moving and I don’t take it for granted, it is one of the reasons I renewed my domain truth be told.

Another reason is because I truly enjoy documenting my life journey on here. Namecheap was down for some minutes today, my website wasn’t loading, I couldn’t login to the back-end, thought I had lost all that content and I could feel my heart breaking into tiny pieces, there and then I realized blogging means so much to me, I never want to loose this space for me and for anyone who loves it.

Black Blogger I guess, I am just gonna have to find a way to pay for it seamlessly without grumbling.

Looking back now, two years is a long time you know? I deserve some accolades. Jessica, well done!

I remember paying for the domain two years ago with Debby of African Hair Info because mailchimp was offering a discount, and everything cost about 10k to set up. Felt like a sweet deal, so we did it. Truth be told, I didn’t have any plans and it was very evident in the things I did after getting the domain.

Paid for domain in February, didn’t write any article until September, in my defense, I was setting up. Na lie, I was just too scared to admit that I didn’t know what I was doing. Outside writing, I didn’t know how to run a blog, didn’t know how to grow one, I knew nothing about the life of a blogger and so I stalled.Blogging

My head hit the reset button when I realized it would soon be another February and I would need to pay for another domain. A whole year gone, so I decided to start writing, publishing and sharing for people to read.

I took random pictures of myself and added to each article, when I went for events, I took pictures too and used on the blog, I was learning. Soon it all began to make sense, this was my online diary open for anyone to read, be entertained, inspired and maybe educated.Blogger

With that at the back of my head, when it was time to renew the next year, it was easier, I paid because I had a clearer understanding. This time, I was more consistent, and deliberate with my content, no wonder why the blog now brags of over 10k visitors.

I also followed bloggers that inspired me and read their content, this helped me more with putting a structure to this and now I get comments from people who love my blog. Isn’t that amazing? People even ask me how to start a blog, and I smile, little Jessica is growing nicely and that makes me happy.

2 years blogging anniversary So, if I could describe my blogging journey in two words, it would be “learning and implementing”.

Everyday I learn something new or make notes about what I need to do better on the blog. Currently focused on taking better pictures, making friends with other bloggers in Nigeria and consistently put out content weekly.Nigerian blogger

The learning never ends, but despite all my shortcomings, some of you read my posts, leave comments and even share, I am grateful. Thank you for sticking with me, thank you!

I hope to do more this year.

For anyone contemplating, I can only say, start. That’s all!

Happy Blogversary to me!