Tarkwa Bay
On a second glance at my outfit, I am not sure it classifies as a bikini, but since it is the closest I have ever been to wearing one, humor me and let it be known that this groundbreaking fit was achieved at Takwa Bay, I can now mark this off my bucket list, Lol…
A day at tarkwa Bay

Jessica the bikini girl… lol

“Tarkwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbor in Nigeria. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis.” (Wikipedia)

My first time visiting this beach was in 2018 if I remember correctly, it was boo’s birthday and we went there to celebrate him. As mentioned above, it is only accessible by water, which means, we had two options, either swim to get there or take a boat, thankfully, we took the latter and I was hyped about being on a boat, that was my first trip on a boat.

It was during this visit I discovered the beauty that is Takwa Bay. I mean, I have been to different beaches in Lagos but this to me was the most beautiful I had visited. I could see people playing and swimming in the water.

at Tarkwa Bay with friends

at Tarkwa Bay with friends

No, that isn’t usual, with most beaches in Lagos, everyone stands at the side and run when the wave comes calling. But with Takwa Bay, people could be seen in their swimming wears, swimming, learning to swim or just catching some chills inside the water. Keyword, inside the water.

As a first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t prepared, I remember wearing a long trouser that day, Lord forgive me. With the second opportunity, oh my God, I was fully ready, I wasn’t about to be caught unfresh. Saying this now like I didn’t cringe at the thought of wearing a bikini or swimming custume in public, ahh, Jessica. Thank God for boo, he gave me all the ginger I needed.

Beach day with friends

On the boat

So the second time at Takwa Bay was with boo and some friends, we went there on Sunday, February 3rd, 2020. Why? Well, like stars that we are, we just went to chill (that’s how stars do!), We took a boat ride to the beach which cost 10,000 naira for 5 of us, to and fro. It could have been cheaper if we were willing to wait for other people to complete the 10-passenger seat.

Knowing we were going to Takwa bay, I came along with my swimwear. I think it is worth mentioning that it was a gift from le boo, so if you need details of where he got it from, contact him (when you pass me, yimu), anyway, thank God for him, I don’t think I would have ever remembered to buy one.

Bikini Gang

Let’s call this a baecation picture…

So with my swimming wear, drinks, good food, and great company, I was ready to take on the beach or so I thought. Got to the beach, settled in under a shade with a beach like chair (you know all those wooden chair with cloth in beach movies) which cost about 1500 per head, this could be more or less depending on your negotiating power.

With everything set, then came Mr. Shy, oh boy, I was very shy. For a moment, I wasn’t going to change oh, I mean, I felt like everyone would stare at me and if there is one thing I don’t like, it is staring, when that happens, I feel like entering the ground.

I spent close to 30 minutes contemplating, with boo reminding me of reasons why I should, and giving a strong point which was, my swimwear had a scarf. So technically, my body wasn’t exposed or infringing. I guess that was all the convincing I needed because, in few minutes, we found a place for me to change, I wore my bikini (don’t agree, na you know), then came the devil, I didn’t want to leave the changing room oh!

Tarkwa bay with boo

Tarkwa bay with boo

Ah! It took another 15minutes for me to be convinced that I was decent enough. I mean, I had a scarf, right? I kept reminding myself. Then I got the boldness to come out with my scarf tied from my chest downwards, showed le boo, at that moment I am sure he must have realized what a village girl he was dating. Lol…

He proceeds to show me how those around tied their scarves on their waist, sideways with one thigh out. I tried mine, it was good if I may say so myself, but my mind was too fragile to carry it, lol, so I opted for tying it full around my waist like wrapper, lol. That gave me the courage to come out of the changing room.

at Tarkwa Bay with friends


Got to our shade, then I spent another 15 minutes sitting down because I didn’t want to stand up because what if my bum was showing, what will Jesus say? Everyone around seemed to be looking at me, boo was probably tired trying to convince me, and everyone around seemed to be having so much fun.

Jessica Oguh

Bikini girls in tarkwa bay

I really want to say I stood up and walked to the waterside, but that would be a lie, my dear people, I was carried, lol, sounds funny now, but it wasn’t then, I felt exposed, but somehow, I realized at that moment everyone was going about their lives, no one really cared about my bikini or no bikini, so I quietly came down and tiptoed to the water.

The water, cold yet bubbly with people doing all sorts of activities, from handball to swimming, to lovey dovies, everyone was engaged (don’t ask me what I was doing biko!). On second thought, since I don’t know how to swim yet, let’s just say, I walked on water or in water, either works perfectly.

Tarkwa bay

Free like a bird

A few minutes in the water, I began to feel alive, wow! I think something was inside the water because I didn’t want to leave, even when the night was drawing near and the water became chilled, I enjoyed the moment.

Times, when I stepped out, was to engage in other beach activities like riding, dancing, running, taking pictures or just taking a drink to replenish my energy.

Had such a great time with friends, we laughed hard, listened to music from Guitarists we met and bought a few merchandises too. How time flew or passed, I don’t know but I am sure we spent over 5 hours there and were probably the last set of people to leave.

places to visit in Lagos


I got so comfortable in my not so bikini, that I didn’t remove it when it was time to leave. That’s how stars do. Sometime around 7pm we got around to calling our boat driver who came to take us back.

This is where I say, if you haven’t been to Tarkwa Bay, you should definitely do so soon. Don’t go alone, go with friends and family, it’s more beautiful that way and please, don’t forget your bikini, it will come in handy.

beaches in Lagos

Jessica and le boo

Just before I close this chapter, I learned to leave life on your own terms, sincerely, everyone is too busy with their own life to be watching you. Also, do what makes you comfortable, my swimwear and scarf were enough for me, I didn’t feel too exposed and I didn’t go against my will, I was at that sweet spot and I had fun.

Will I ever wear a bikini without a scarf?? Only time will tell, I definitely do not have anything against those that do, until then, bye!