beginner makeup kit

Last week, I went make-up shopping at one of my favorite cosmetic stores in Ogba. I hadn’t shopped for make-up products in a while hence, I had a lot of things to restock on and pinned my budget at 20k max. Luckily, I didn’t spend much time shopping because I had a list and the store I visited had everything I needed.

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The surprising thing for me were the prices, man oh man, prices of everything had doubled. This brought back memories of when I started my makeup journey in 2019. Though I was confused on what to buy then, the prices were better and 20k would have gotten me a lot more products.

Anyway, I decided to share some of my beginner make-up starter kit and the prices of each product I got, hopefully this helps when you are off to make your purchases.

  1. Mary Kay Foundation (6,500); I started using long before I learnt to do my make-up myself. It was my mum’s favorite foundation so I continued with it because I love it too.Mary Kay Foundation
  2. A. Pro Concealer (2,000); my tutor recommended this while I was learning and I loved it, so it has become my go-to concealer.
  3. Milani Powder (4,500); the store manager recommended I get a Milan powder as they were sold out on the Mary Kay powder I wanted. So far it’s been good.Milani Powder
  4. Glamierre Eye shadow Pallette (2,500); got this because of the bright colors and so far, I am enjoying playing with it.Eyeshadows
  5. Zaron Lip Pencil (1,500)
  6. Eye pencils (100)
  7. Masacara (1000)beginner makeup kit
  8. Eye liner (500)
  9. Classic Lip Gloss (500)
  10. Nivea Lip Balm (500)

That sums everything I got. I know there are more some products missing but these makes up everything I use for my everyday look. I hope you find it useful.

Bye for now!

Disclaimer; I am not a makeup artiste, just a girl who loves looking good.