living intentionally

Feels like the year 2020 is on autopilot, like how is it already July? Didn’t we just say ‘Happy New Year’ some weeks ago? I am not complaining though, this year has been a rollercoaster and I legit cannot wait for it to be over and done.

All that rants and I did not say a happy new month to you, forgive me, friend. Welcome to the month of July, may this new month bring you joy, happiness, prosperity and all your heart desires. I pray so for myself too, but in the past months, I have learnt, all of this comes from living intentionally.

If you have been following me online lately, one way or the other, you must have noticed some changes, some revamping too, and maybe you ever wondered why the changes, well, you girl is learning to live intentionally.

You want to live your best life, invest, do a good job, eat healthily and basically live a better life but you are stuck in the process of one day I will get there while just doing the same routine over and over that contributes nothing to the goal, this was me every other day since forever. like the kind of life I want is in my head but somehow I could not bring it to reality.

This led me to overthink, feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, that feeling of inadequacy crept in, and I just couldn’t get myself to be productive for weeks. Thinking of it now, I guess it is what happens when change is coming and you just need to yield.

It took taking a break, talking to people around, redefining my goals and values to get back to doing the things I love. Most importantly, I had a moment of reflection where I decided to live my life intentionally, without tags, pressure, and the likes. I was just overall the routines and ready for something new.

The good thing is, I learnt I had the power to create this life myself.

So you are not lost on what living intentionally means, it is living life with intentions. Living your life with your goals, dreams, and aspirations at the back of your mind. Also, taking deliberate steps to achieve them, it is easy to have dreams but achieving them is another ball game entirely. When you live life with intention, every step you make is towards a goal. It is like having a strategy for your life.

Living intentionally most time involves a lifestyle change, it is not easy but it is worth it. For instance, I want clear skin, I can’t just achieve that by dreaming about it, I need to take steps to achieve it, this is why I started a skincare routine, read about it here, same applies to every other thing I do. While COVID taught me that life somehow always has other plans, it more so taught me to live my best life today. That’s what I am doing now b, I hope you do so too, let’s get it!

Some intentional living habits I have adopted are;

  1. Reading more books that inspire, motivate, and teach new things relating to my goals.
  2. Eat healthily and take multivitamins regularly.
  3. Spend, budget and invest my money wisely.
  4. Follow, unfollow, and engage on social media deliberately.
  5. Build and invest in meaningful relationships.
  6. Dress how I want to be addressed, lol.
  7. Getting my work done on time.

The list goes on but these are some vital habits I hope to instil and grow with while evolving into the woman of my dreams.

Now, here are my favourite things from the month of June;

This is a new series on the blog, it would come up at the beginning of every month and here I will be going over with you some things I bought and loved in the month of June.

  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertBig MagicWrote some lessons I learnt the book here.
  2.  Micellar Cleansing Water; one of the skincare products I bought and love, it makes cleaning makeup from my face very easy.skincare routine

3. Pancakes; made pancakes from an Infinix pancake mix and I absolutely loved it, will make more soon.

pancake mix

Pancake mix

4. Wilson Lemonade; my favourite drink, I enjoy it. wilson lemonade

5. Pleated dress; absolutely love it because I can style it in different ways. Plus the colours are unique and it is a classic.intentional living

6. Well-woman, the only drug I swallow without attempting to vomit,

That is it from me, tell me what your faves are and your plans for the new month.