Life update

Hi guys, see who is back to blogging, me! (smiles)… errm, let’s catch up quickly with a life update.

For the benefit of the newbies here, I used to have a blog named Lady Fortune, but for some weird reasons, I took it down and practically stopped blogging. Want to know more about me? click here!

Early this year though, the zeal to blog came back. I started the process of launching this new blog in February this year, it is August now and I still have not launched.

Maybe fear, maybe doubt or maybe for lack of what to put on the blog, I really don’t know but hopefully, this should be up soon for you to read up on all my adventures.

That said, this is where I give a life update on what I been up to since I last came here;

At the education level, I am a degree holder now, I got my first degree in 2017, B.ed. English. What next? Definitely a master’s degree when I figure out what course and school.

This was definitely an amazing fit for me, but I put myself under unnecessary pressure. Now I know better. If I could go back, I would do this differently.

Also, I completed my one-year compulsory service (NYSC). I finished on the 24th of June, this year.

On the career scene, since the last time I was here, I have gone from being a reporter to a personal assistant, an OAP, a social media marketer, content manager, tailor, bag seller and most recently, a writer.

Oh! Most recently, I was laid off a job. This for me is the lowest point of my career. Why? Well, for one, I was less than 2 months into the job. Two, I was laid off without any form of explanation or query.

I mean, it’s the least I would have expected. Thankfully, I was well-compensated and prior to that, I had another job in the pipeline. Now, I work as a community manager. This is way different from my former job because now, I have officially joined the 9-5 group.

There is a long story to how I got here but I promise to tell you more about it when I finally have the guts.

You should probably check out times when I felt like a failure here!

Family level, I am blessed with an amazing family that supports me. This for me is the most stable thing in my life right now. And just like the last time, I am still the first child (LOL), with a junior sister.

Mum and Dad are good, my mum is becoming a comedian now though (LOL), I will gist you more about this later.

Friendships, I am not big on connections and keeping friends but I am learning. I am taking deliberate efforts to build more friendships, thanks to social media, I think I am moving.

Marriage, lol! I am technically single but in a relationship. Been in a relationship for a couple of years, though I still fill single in documents. Isn’t that amazing?

I am not ready for marriage but it is on my list to get married, I just do not know when yet. But I will be sure to let you know when this changes.

Anything else? Oh!

I have a podcast called ‘Twenty-Somethings Rant’, this was born early this year.

Outside writing, another thing I find joy doing is talking, so, I decided to create a platform that allows me and fellow twenty-somethings to rant about everything.

My podcast community is less than 3 months, but already we planned our first event and it was a success.

So that is it, have any questions? Do leave them in the comments, I will be sure to reply.

Also, let’s be friends, tell me about you.


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