I quit my job

I Quit My Job As A Communication Specialist

Yes, I quit my job!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to doing the usual Twitter ‘Today was my last day at or my first day at’ so I will do my best to at least answer the very obvious question in your mind, ‘Jessica, why did you quit?

If you are shocked at the revelation too, I understand that, not many people saw it coming and sincerely, neither did I. I remember vividly on the 26th of April this year while at a gathering a former colleague, now a friend who was leaving asked me ‘Jessica, how long more do you see yourself staying here? And I replied, a year more. My plan was to stay with the company, grow a bit more before making any major career moves’.

God was probably laughing hard at that conversation because here I am a few months since then writing an ‘I quit my job’ post… lol

I am smiling too as I write this and it’s a very happy smile, so I will go back quickly to how I got here;

Getting a new Job

Jessica Fortunes

Between that time I had that conversation with my friend and the month of July, I started feeling bored, nothing about my role or my life in general really excited me, everything felt like a good old routine and to know me is to know I do not appreciate it. Plus when I thought about my growth within the company, I didn’t see how much else I could grow within the company to achieve my career goals.

So I had a word with myself as the second half of the year began, I had started journaling at this point and in my journal I wrote, ‘I am going to apply for every opportunity I get, I am going to set myself up for success. I am going to do everything I can to make my life feel interesting for me again, and I told God, as I start this, please make this second half special for me, I will do my part, please do yours and so it began.

By July, I started heavily putting out content on Youtube twice a week, making videos about every aspects of my life I felt like sharing, learning how to edit videos better, recording new episodes for my podcast, entering different online competitions, basically applying myself to every and any opportunity I felt was relevant to me.

It was during this period I came across two job openings, one I saw while scrolling through Instagram a venture capital firm was hiring for a Social Media Executive, being my very curious self, I clicked the link in their bio to see what the role was about, a quick glance through and I was convinced that I would apply, I had all the criteria they were looking for plus added experience of having worked in the industry for a year and 8 months, so I applied.

The second opportunity was sent to me by a friend and she said ‘do your thing’. I remember in that moment telling her how sacred I was, I was dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, I didn’t feel like the work I was doing was really important so why should I really be applying to jobs at that moment.

Guess what she said? She asked me to take a moment, go back and look at the work I had done at my now former job, she reminded me that prior to my joining the company, it didn’t have an online presence, and today it does. From writing blog posts for the company website, to growing the companies social media handles, starting a Youtube channel, podcast, hosting and editing it, to talking about the company on my personal platforms, being active in the tech eco-system and so much more, boy, she gave me some moral boost I needed to apply to the second job, so I did.

As you would expect, some of these opportunities I applied to didn’t yield much, while some did. The organizations that got back to me included the two jobs I had applied to, so I spent the remaining part of August and September working at my former job, attending interviews, writing tests, working on different strategies, and praying for a miracle. Each of the companies had about 3 – 4 stages I had to pass through, oh boy it was hectic, It’s not surprising that by September I had a nervous breakdown. I made a video about that on my Youtube channel.

The good news is, by mid-September, I had two amazing job offers, then it became a problem of, which is the best fit for my career goal. That felt like a film trick, yes I was applying for the two roles and putting in my best at every stage but I didn’t think I would get an offer from the two companies. It was a first for me.

At this point, though I was mentally exhausted, my confidence was at an all-time high. I felt good, but also confused, so I spent days praying, seeking guidance and also had days of utmost disbelief.

When it was finally time to make the big decision on which offer to take up and which to forgo, I remembered the reason I had started searching for new opportunities in the first place, an opportunity to grow, and work on exciting  projects. So I chose the company that would give me this even though it meant going back into the office and losing a whooping 50k naira in salary cut.

I should say, I had a moment when I thought of combining the two roles… lolz. But I had learnt in the past that my health and focusing on being very good at one was better than the money I would make combining the two.

It was a sad day when I turned down the other offer, I had grown to like the women who were in-charge and interviewed me, but my heart knew where it needed to be, so I moved on and prepared for resumption at the new place.

So, I joined the marketing department at Kuda Microfinance Bank, a Nigerian fintech company as a Social Media Strategist in September, call me Tech sis Jessica… lolz

New Job at Kuda

Oops, I have written far more than I thought I would, but I did want to share, and I hope you learnt a thing or two from it.

Why I quit my job?

More-so, now you know why I quit my job, not because it was a toxic environment, not because I hated my co-workers, but because I wanted growth and had outgrown my role within the company.

In my 1 year and 8 months at Ingressive Capital, I learnt so much and have grown. Truthfully, working at the company was were my resolution to work in the tech space began and for that, the great friends I made, the access I got, and so much more, I will always be grateful.

Moving On…

I am excited about my new role and can’t wait to share all the things I get up to at Kuda with you. Now is when I say if you don’t have a Kuda account, do it NOW!!! lolz

It would be so wrong to end this post which I sincerely think is my testimony post without mentioning my friends, mentors and family who held me up when I was too tired to do so on my own. Their words of encouragement, their prayers, their daily/weekly check-ups, played an important role in me taking this step and for that I am very grateful.

If no one ever told you dearie, let me tell you, quitting a job, applying for a new one, going for interviews, writing tests, checking your emails everyday, while still working at your other job is mentally draining, I advice you not to do it alone.

So yeah, that’s it, I hope I have with this post answered all your questions regarding that, but if I haven’t you can drop your question in the comment below, I will get to it.

If you also have questions about my career journey not related this this topic, you are in luck, because I have also decided that moving forward I would include bits of my career into my blog and Youtube content.

All you need to do now is subscribe to my Youtube channel, that’s where tea is going to be. Until next time, bye!