Jessica Fortune Oguh

I am sure you already figured the unemployed part and if you have been following for a while now, you would know from here that I started a new job few months ago.

Jessica Fortunes

Hey! It’s not that serious…

Well, life happened! The good thing is I left voluntarily, yeah! I sent in my resignation letter sometime in November, hence for the whole of December I have been unemployed. Again, unemployed not jobless, there is a difference please but today is not the day we talk about that.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Unemployed not jobless!

Now you are wondering what happened, like I told my then boss and every other person who asked, it just wasn’t working. Along the line of working the ropes, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I was no longer happy going to work and sincerely, everything started going south from then on.

I knew it was time to leave, was it an easy decision? No, it wasn’t, especially since I didn’t have another job waiting for me. I mean, I pulled the plug against everyone’s advice, so yeah, I was more scared than anything else.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Jessica Mother Christmas.

I remember sitting in a danfo bus heading to Obalende that fateful Monday morning and sending in my resignation letter, the deep air of uncertainty that filled me, I still don’t have words to describe.

In the end, it wasn’t easy neither was it fun but I knew I had to do it, decided for November because I needed to think and ask myself deep questions and make decisions for my future in December before launching into a new decade.

That of course led to my detty December, which had me attending 3 concerts in Lagos; Teni’s Billionaire experience, went for this with boo, Dj Spinal’s Party of your life, went for this myself, lol that’s a whole story on its own and Jamesons Brunch Out went for this with Cynthia, a long-time friend.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

All ready for parte after parte 2019

No, I didn’t stop there, I also found time to visit friends, watch movies, joined the Purpose Foundation in Lagos to celebrate Christmas with the children in Okogbo community where I volunteered as a host for the party, still had enough time to eat, drink and refresh to continue the next day at another venue.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

I & my girlie, Cynthia

Oh I should mention that with all of this I was able to host the vision board party for Twenty-somethings in Lagos, isn’t God amazing? He is oh! I still can’t explain where I got the strength to do this, cater to others when I was dealing with personal struggles.

No, I didn’t forget I was unemployed while doing all this, man, I wish I could. I mean, I had people asking different questions, was home alone sometimes feeling lonely, my cash reservoir was drying up but despite all this, I refused to be depressed. Rather I put my energy into things I loved, creating content for my blog, podcast, social media pages and more.

I should mention that I achieved two milestones during this period, first I created a course for online business owners, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and more on how to optimize Pinterest and sold it for 5,000 naira, to my greatest surprise, the reviews have been amazing, check them out here.

If you are interested in taking the course too, chat me up here. secondly, I and two other amazing Nigerian podcasters, we will be hosting some podcasters in Nigeria on the 4th of January 2020. I am so looking forward to it.

I classified them as milestones because they are my first time putting a fee to my skills and knowledge, not only that, the reviews are amazing. I am so thankful to God for helping me through these projects at this time of my life.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Spent an amazing time with friends

This is why I refused to see myself as jobless because, I am not. Working on these things, kept me busy 24/7 and I still am not done. The only issue would be it isn’t giving me the cool bundle of money like my regular 9-5 gave me.

But somehow it gives me confidence that God will never let me down, so even in my darkest days. I will thank Him. Sorry not sorry, I am a believer, ok, back to my Detty December.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Still detting December with Dj Spinal

And knowing I still need money to help push my dreams and aspirations, I found time to apply for opportunities that were in line with what I want to do with my life, went for meetings, took calls and basically put myself out there for opportunities while I worked on my personal projects.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Got high on Pepsi

Still doesn’t make it easy, so if you are thinking of leaving your job too, think it well oh! I am not about to tell you what to do but you need to really think and ask yourself questions. So, that was my detty December and my life lately in summary.

Now let’s talk about the fact that the year 2019 ends in 2 days from now the 29th of December 2019, this is that time when we look back on how the year went. For me, I am thankful. Thankful to God for life, family, friends, my career, and most especially for my growth this year.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Solo trip

The woman I am now is different from the woman who started the year 2019, I am grateful for the journey that bought me this far and excited for what lies ahead of me. Sincerely, nothing was planned, not my podcast, not the events I hosted, not the jobs I had, nor the places I visited, see how I went for a boat cruise here, nothing went through a thought process!

Everything I have under my belt now was not even in mind for the year, this is where I tell fellow twenty-somethings to keep at whatever it is you are doing, it will all link up somehow. All I did this year was strive to be a better me every time and I am glad at the results.

I am not saying you would have your life figured out, I doubt anyone ever truly has that figured out, nor am I saying it would be easy, personally I cried so many times this year over missed opportunities, broken relationships, constant No, burnout, fatigue, denied salary and so many others.

Truth be told, life dishes us some heavy punches, but in all, we get better and that is what life to me is all about, getting better to become the best version of ourselves.

Chuks Keluo Madueke

Dragged boo out for Teni’s Billionaire concert.

This is why as I make plans and draft my vision for the year 2020, I know to have an open mind towards changes that might occur. No one person can ever map out how life would be, so when those changes come, hopefully, they are positive, but if not, I do hope to be able to bear them and keep moving to fulfill God’s purpose.

2020 the beginning of a new decade, I look forward to this decade because on like the previous, I am aware of the kind of life I want for myself, I realize that to get the life I sought after, there is work to be done hence, I am ready to put in the work to make it happen.

Chuks Keluo Madueke

A girl & her boo, lol

For this new season, I seek to put God first in every of my endeavors, to find Him early, to walk with Him guiding my steps, to know Him and to acknowledge that He is God at all times.

I look forward to building more relationships, to be present in the lives of those who matter to me, to cheer them on days when they are winning and cry with them when things don’t go as planned till they are able to stand again. No cutting of relationships, I would rather see the good in people and learn to work with them at arm’s length if it affects my mental state.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Ready for the new decade

I pray for the grace to be consistent, kind, positive, humble, patient, committed, persistent, hardworking in all things regarding my goals and everyone I come in contact with. I ask the Almighty for the strength to forgive those that hurt me, say sorry to those I hurt, to speak life not hate to those I meet.

More so, I pray to meet every one of you again in this new season filled with happiness, joy, love, and peace. I hope we get to share stories while laughing at the good old days.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

My ever-supportive family

Thank you for doing 2019 with me, you made it easy for me to come here every other day telling one story or the other, good or bad knowing you wouldn’t judge me.

Thank you, see you soon in 2020!