life after university

Hey! Life after university is not as blissful as we thought oh! Remember how we could not wait to leave the four walls of the university?

How we thought after university, we would be balling without any hold. I hate to break it to you, but that only happens in the mind of an undergraduate who thinks the worse thing that could happen to anyone are exams. How do I know this?

Well, I am called a Graduate now, which is your name after leaving university. While it sounds good in your first two years of leaving school, it could become a form of ridicule if you do not get something doing.

That is gist for another day though, today, let’s talk about what is next.

I know for a fact that this stage is going to be one of your most confusing because I have been through it and I know how I felt, especially if your father is neither “Dangote” or “Otedola”.

The good thing is, you are not alone in this journey, you have me and a thousand others feeling the same way. That means you will be alright. And this is the first thing, know that you are never alone.

Come to think of it, it is the reason why I created a podcast tagged Twenty-Somethings Rant.

If you look around, there are a thousand and one people going through the same confusing stage, find solace in that, build connections, relationships, friendships to carry you through that feeling and you will be better.

The next thing would be to trust the process. After university, all I cared about was “what next?”, so much I forgot about the present and this, was a big mistake.

You are wondering why? This because, what I find myself doing and enjoying now, if I may say, was never in the plan.

In all my thinking, I did not figure this out. This means, all the time I spent thinking was a waste, and I do not want the same for you.

What I would do differently if I could go back, would be to enjoy my moment. A moment of peace after four years of rigorous learning. In earnest, do not let society pressure you into thinking you need to have it all figured out on the go.

You do not and guess what? Again, you are not alone.

In case you did not get my point in the other paragraphs, it is OK. Do me a favor though, get this, EXPLORE!!!

Yes, in the real sense, that should be your what next. And by exploring, I mean, take time to find YOU.

You will be surprised how little you know about yourself and oh, you will love yourself more when you find out who you are. For me, I am happy to say, I did this part well.

After university, I volunteered, went for purposeful events, tried my hands on different businesses, all of which are now non-existent, but guess what? I am happy.

Now I know things I love and things I do not, which means, I have a better understanding of the woman I want to be. Again, that means, I am closer to becoming her.

If you know me, you would know I love to talk and could continue writing till God knows when, but I will stop here.

Just before you go off thinking she has her life all figured out, I really don’t. That and more is the reason for this blog. Join me as I discover more. 

Are you done with the university? How has it been?

Still in the university? What stage?

Let’s talk in the comment below.