I resumed going to the office last week and as a welcome back, my boss asked, ‘what did you learn from COVID/lockdown?’ This question got me thinking, and as we went on sharing different lessons learnt during the period of total lockdown, it dawn on me that I wanted to always remember these lessons and also share them with you. Hence, on this blog post I share lessons from COVID, what I am currently loving, doing and more.

The first lesson for me was, family is a blessing. Two months of lockdown with my family was priceless. Though we couldn’t do any of the fancy stuff like go to cinemas or eat out, we had fun, all the same, eating homemade meals, watching our favourite TV series and learning more about each other. Few times during the lockdown, I imagined how it would have been without family and it just did not seem great. Now I know to cherish the times we spend together.


Back to work as a media girl..

So much for planning, I am a strong believer in having plans, setting goals, timelines, and all the rest but lockdown showed me, we are only human and sometimes things don’t go as planned, that’s ok too. I will still make plans but try not to be anxious when things don’t go as planned.

The popular saying, health is wealth isn’t a myth, it is very true. Total lockdown meant everyone stay indoor, businesses were shut down, for that moment we had one job, to stay alive. This only reinstates that work will only go on when you are healthy, so while chasing all the money, don’t forget to take your vitamins too. I intend to continue with my vitamins and take more fruit to help.

Those are some of the vital lessons I learnt, hope you share with me some lessons you learnt too in the comments.

Currently, I am,

lockdown lessons

a fine girl like me …

Reading; Smart Money Tribe by Arese, I will share lessons learnt from this in future posts.

Watching; more and more lifestyle content on YouTube. I also realized I haven’t been doing so well with my blog on that end.

Listening to; more African music from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya with King Promise, Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol as my favourites.

Loving; my newfound hobby, cooking. I am not the best cook and I try to avoid the kitchen as much as I can but of recent, I seem to always have a new dish to try. I will share those with you in the coming posts.

Determined to; write more and get a grip of blogging. I haven’t been the most consistent on here. That’s about to change, expect more lifestyle content.

Craving; pancakes, this is the next meal on my list and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Wearing; more make-up, letting Pinterest influence my style.

Started; a skincare routine, until last week, I didn’t have one, now I do and am excited to share the results with you.

That’s it from me guys, share with me your lessons and what you are currently doing.