Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

It’s another book blog post and I am excited to share my last read with you, ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg. I cant remember who exactly put me on this book but I remember the caption on it saying every career girl, should read this. After reading some reviews on it, I was sold and decided to get it.

I got it from a book vendor on Instagram, bookmarketng for 4500 naira in July but I only finished reading it this weekend because I was taking my time to savor every moment and lesson from it. I feel someone just screamed liar at me, lol, it’s ok if you don’t believe me but I promise, ‘Lean In’ has had a huge impact on me.

The person who said every working girl should read it wasn’t lying, I would only include that men should also read it too. To understand the role they play directly or indirectly in the fight for or against gender equality.

'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg

snippets from the book

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg the current C.O.O. at Facebook throws light on the realities of a woman in a corporate world, trying to balance family with leadership and the never ending stereotype against a woman. While reading this book, I became a feminist, and decided to wear this new badge of mine with honor and pride.

Prior to reading ‘Lean In’, I have always believed in equality of genders, but I never associated myself with the term feminist, because it is associated with so much negativity, but now I know better.

Aside the conversations around feminist movement in the book, it also empowered the career girl on various steps to move up the career ladder. Actually, Sheryl calls it a career jungle, not a ladder, lol.  While I might not be able to share all the gems I got from this book, I will share some of my favorite lessons from the book.Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Lessons from ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg 

1. Raise your hand; as women, we have been taught to wait for approval or like sleeping beauty, wait for a kiss from the Prince, while men just go for it. Sheryl admonishes women to raise their hands to answer questions, to take on new responsibilities and leadership, most importantly, sitting at the table as opposed to staying in the sidelines.

2. Don’t leave before you leave; being a girl means, one day you will become a woman, maybe a wife, and a mother. With all this changes the society expects you to prioritize your husband, children, and family over work or career forgetting your dreams and aspirations. Having this at the back of our mind, we adjust our lives to fit, turning down opportunities because of our future roles as women. Sheryl Sandberg says no, don’t do that! Instead take the opportunity and when you get to that bridge, you will cross it. Sheryl Sandberg

3. Let your partner be a partner; Sheryl emphasizes in the book that the most important decision a career woman would make is who she decides to get married to. Marriage is a partnership, and everyone in it must be willing to play a role for its progress. So from courtship, be sure that your partner can and is willing to support you through every stage, while you also support and let him help you without criticizing.

4. You can’t do it all; a brutal truth we must learn to accept, we are humans, with limitations and weaknesses. Rather than try to do everything, prioritize, and ask for help when needed.

5. Stop asking people to mentor you; everyone wants to be mentored but most people go about it the wrong way. For instance, some young people walk up to a speaker after an event and say, “can you be my mentor?”. According to Sandberg that approach is wrong, instead of that, be efficient in your doings and you will find people willing to mentor you. She says, mentors are not sold in some kind of market and we should spend more time doing the work, taking initiatives than searching for mentors.

Sheryl Sandberg is a brilliant woman. Every chapter of the book had some food for thought, unfortunately I can’t cover everything in a single blog post. But I definitely recommend you read this if you get the opportunity. It has helped boost my confidence at work, plus prepared my mind for the future.

This is my book 4 for 2020, you can read lessons I have learnt from previous books here.

Till the next one, bye!