Jessica Fortune Oguh

Is it just me or is everyone really looking to get a remote job now? Wait, happy new month guys, just realized I hadn’t done that. I hope it is no too late. I trust this month has been good to you.

Now to a remote job, I am not saying there is anything wrong with it, I just feel like there are some cons to it that no one talks about.

A quick back story, I worked remotely for two years and sincerely, it was good but like everything else, it has its pros and cons.

Allow me to start from the beginning;

What does it mean to have a remote job?

A remote job is one that can be done outside a physical office. This means you don’t have to go to the office every day.

That sounds really exciting, right? Yeah! It is. It really does have some sweet benefits like;

Jessica rework job

I really enjoy dressing all corporate

Pros of a remote job;

I didn’t have to wake up early, lol. I think it is one reason why a lot of people want to work remotely. Like, you don’t have to rush out early in the morning to beat rush hour traffic and you can sleep a few more hours before work for the day begins.

Jessica on a remote job

I think I look good

Thinking about it now, I really do miss that. I mean, who loves to sit in traffic for 2 hours or more?

A remote job also allows you to work at your own convenience. While those in regular 9-5 jobs have to finish their tasks before the close of work for the day, as a remote worker, you can decide to work at night and sleep during the day.

Jessica on a remote job in Nigeria

I can’t remember what I was saying but I am happy.

You practically call the shots. Could decide to have breaks at intervals, eat while working, lie down to work, that life is sweet.

While working remotely, you don’t have to deal with office gossips, fights, competition, rivalry, and all the likes, because you rarely even see your colleagues and when you do, it’s mostly good vibes because you miss each other.

Remote job in nigeria

This indirectly allows for healthy competition without trying to outdo the other person or see what the other person is doing.

I remember vividly not having to look for what to wear every day, lol. On a remote job, you dress as your lordship pleases which is in-fact amazing and more comfortable.

On some days, I would be on in my nightwear all day long and that felt so good.

All theses are amazing and just like you would, I enjoyed them, but a remote job is not without its cons.

Cons of a remote job;

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Jessica Fortune Oguh

If like me your first job as a fresh graduate is a remote job, you most likely would lack discipline on some basic things like I did.

As a remote worker, I lacked discipline on so many things such as time management, I could never keep up with time and it affected my job.

Now that I think of it, it wasn’t because I was a terrible person, I was just so used to doing things on my own time as an undergraduate and hadn’t learned the skill. Unfortunately, working remotely didn’t help.

Remote job


Working remotely didn’t help with my communication skills, especially communication among team members. As a remote worker, I was so used to doing things alone and since transitioning to a full time 9-5 role, I am struggling to communicate.

Now I am learning how to communicate my ideas with team members, how to work together as a team and not an individual.

I have never been a fashion enthusiast and oh boy, working remotely worsened if for me.

Since I didn’t have to dress up every day, I didn’t bother dressing up at all. In fact, I could go anywhere and everywhere in my nightwear and I would not be bothered lol.

Jessica on a remote job

Turning my back on remote jobs

On days when I went to meet my then boss, she would complain of how badly I was dressed. I always promised to change but would be back to my habit in a bit.

The worst for me while working remotely was that I didn’t have a closing hour. My oh my, it practically felt like I was working 24hrs none stop.

I could get a call anytime to work on some assignments or give reports at some odd hours including weekends.

Man, I didn’t even have holidays, my boss would give me tasks on holidays too and most time I just felt used.

This is one reason I craved a 9-5 so bad. Because once it is 5, I don’t have any business with any employer please lol.

Last but definitely not least I moved because the pay was better. Who doesn’t like the money? Not me!

So yeah, I do miss remote job but there are some things I don’t miss too.

That said, would you want to know about my new 9-5 job? Tell me in the comment and share your remote work experience if you had worked remotely before.