travel guide from Lagos to Ibadan

Ideally, a road trip from Lagos to Ibadan is set at 2hrs, but this could differ depending on the day, time and Isha Allah (God’s grace). My advice for you would be to leave Lagos early.

That was the case for I and Cynthia. We set out for Ibadan on Saturday, the 21st of November by 8:30am and we got to Ibadan by approximately 10:30am.

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road trip

If you know Lagos well, you would agree with me that it was a great time to arrive and I think we did our assignments plus God’s grace at work.

I left home a few minutes past 7am, while leaving my house, I called my friend Cynthia and we scheduled to meet up at the closest bus station.

By 8am, we were at Berger, the closest bus station we could get a bus heading from Lagos to Ibadan. Initially our plan was to go to Ibadan by bus but on getting to Berger, we decided on going with a car.lagos living

A bus from Berger to Challenge was 2000 naira, while a car was 2500 naira. We choose the car because, it was more spacious with four passengers sit, and didn’t waste time in getting filled by road to Ibadan

While on the road, the only stop from the driver was to buy fuel at the nearest filling station. Once that was done, we hit the express and experienced little traffic congestion, I am guessing because we left Lagos early.

That’s a quick summary of our journey from Lagos to Ibadan. Coming back was a lot different, we spent 4 to 5 hours on the road.

Things to pack while traveling from Lagos to Ibadan;

  1. Dress light and smart
  2. Have a book or headset
  3. Buy some snacks
  4. Wear a jacket or long sleeves tops

That’s it, now you pray and leave early enough, safe journey!