An afternoon at omu resort

Exploring Omu Resort

An afternoon at Omu resort
An afternoon at Omu resort

Hi guys, your girl is on another adventure, but this time, it is nothing crazy or outside the norm. On this one, I spent an afternoon exploring Omu Resort with friends.

I heard so much about the Omu Resort, that when an opportunity came to visit there, I was elated. I spent the day before surfing the internet for what to expect, how to dress, things to do, you know, just getting prepared in general.

So, on the 6th of September, I and friends made our way to Omu Resort. We left from Ogba at about 12 pm but did not get to Omu until 3 pm, I kid you not. The journey was a long and stressful one for us, first, the road leading to the resort is not the best, coupled with Lagos traffic, it was a long drive.

Omu resort is located at 1 Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, Ibeju, Lekki (do not be deceived by the Lekki behind it, the journey is far, be prepared). Thankfully, we got there in one peace.

Unfortunately, I did not take note of the price list but a total of 40,000 naira was paid for about 10 of us (I was shocked when I heard this too), still, we did not get to use all the facilities, had to pay additional 500 naira per person for kayaking. Apparently, it is not for the faint heartened.

Now in, the first place we visited was the zoo.

An afternoon at omu resort
Simba in Omu
An afternoon at omu resort
Saying hello to a baboon

A good zoo it was, a few animals but the kids where happy and that was what mattered. Soon we went on to play some other games in the resort.

From pirate shipping to kayaking to going all the way up in the air in ‘something’ (apologies, I don’t remember the name but it has to be the scariest thing I had ever done). Doing all of this for me was the fun of Omu resort.

Yeah! You guessed right, it was my first time doing any of such, (Yeah! I am one of those children that never went to the amusement park as a child)lol! I felt like a child again and so, even though I was tired at some point, had insects feasting on my skin all through, I just would not stop exploring.

I just hope pictures of me screaming never makes it to the internet because I will deny it. Man! I screamed my head out, I thought I was going to fall off, my heart was in my mouth, when I finally made it down, I was dizzy for a bit but after few minutes, I went on the next ride. LOl

My experience while pirate shipping was, almost ok, I shouted a few times. It was more like being in a ship (not like I have been in a ship before, but I figured that was the idea of those behind it in Omu resort and from movies I had seen), the only difference is, rather than being in the water, we were shipping in the sky.

Going up and down like the seconds of a clock ticking, it started slowly and next it went wild throwing us up in the air. I was scared for two reasons, what if this thing pulls off and what will I tell people if I break my head? Thankfully, neither happened.

Next was Kayaking, this was easier, less scary and fun. Oh! A good arm exercise as after I finished my round, my upper hands ached. Apart from a few accidents hitting trees, going, of course, I think I would make a good fisherwoman.

Also, if you are into meditating, kayaking is something you should try. If you are going to do that in Omu resort, go on a weekday.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the last ride, that was where I lost all my home training. Here, it was like being thrown in the air, I was scared, I shouted, I screamed, at this point, I gave up.

So many beautiful pictures! Sincerely, I would recommend Omu resort as a place for family daycation in Lagos. Especially for kids, but if like me you are a child at heart, you should also visit Omu resort.

Another beautiful thing about the resort is, you can go in with your food. After those energy taking rides, you definitely need some food to get your strength back. Thankfully, we had food with us, but if you can not be bothered with carrying food, you would get something to eat there.

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An afternoon at omu resort

Oh! They do have other amazing things you can do, like swimming, paintballing, bike rides and more.

Unfortunately, we could not do all because we got there late and the swimming pool was under maintenance. Nevertheless, we had fun.

I think I should stop here, but yes, I would definitely visit Omu resort again, this time leaving no stone unturned.

With this, I have visited Omu resort, LCC, JJT Park, which other places in Lagos would you recommend I visit?

Bye for now!

An afternoon at omu resort