Lagos Coffee Festival 2019

With the everyday October rain in Lagos, the Lagos Coffee Festival couldn’t have happened at a better time. I mean, I can say for a fact that Lagosians needed the warmth from days of constant rain and cold in the city.

Jessica at Lagos Coffee festival

The Lagos Coffee Festival which took place on the 5th of October 2019, at the Nakenohs Boulevards, 40 Alexander Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos, is said to draw inspiration from about 50 coffee festivals in major cities across the world.

Happy Coffee at Lagos Coffee festival

In other words, this is the first time ‘a coffee festival‘ is being held in Nigeria and the inspiration behind it is the fact that it has been held in other parts of the world. I must say that I like this. I mean, if others can do it, so can we (Nigerians), kudos to the organizers for putting us on the map for this one.

Panelists at Lagos Coffee festival

Panelists at Lagos Coffee festival

I am not about to deceive you by saying I am a coffee fan, sincerely, I am not and don’t see myself becoming one. In fact, prior to this day, the only coffee I knew about in Nigeria was Nescafe. This is where you ask, why then was I at the Lagos Coffee Festival?

Jessica at the Lagos Coffee Festival

Jessica at the Lagos Coffee Festival

Apart from the obvious fact that I like adventures, check out my Felabration experience, work made me do it. Yeah! The organization I work with happens to be a partner of this event. So we were there to show support. That is not to say I regret being there oh, I don’t.

Happy Coffee (3)

Happy Coffee

I am happy I was able to witness the first-ever coffee festival in Nigeria and I do hope it continues. The event opened my eyes to the possibilities in the coffee industry of Nigeria.

Lagos Coffee festival

coffee menu

The event was slated to start at 7 am with a workout dance session led by celebrity dancer, Kaffy. I don’t know if it started at the set time because I didn’t get there until 1 pm. Don’t even try to blame me for coming late biko, blame the rain.

Dano Milk

Dano Milk

Yeah, it rained. And if you know Lagos, you would know with rain, everywhere is a mess. So pardon my lateness. Thankfully, I was right on time for the second-panel discussion.

Happy Coffee


Thanks to this discussion, I now know that there are about 22 states in Nigeria where coffee is grown, heard some other names of coffee grown in Nigeria, learned the process of making a coffee, I still can’t make it but I have an idea, lol.

Jessica at the Lagos Coffee Festival (2)

Jessica at the Lagos Coffee Festival with her happy coffee

From being at this event, I realized that coffee can be used for other things, one of which includes, skincare products. Met some key players in the industry and they were open to sharing tips on how others can gain access to the growing industry.

There was also time for me to grab a cup of coffee, I mean, who goes to a coffee festival and not have coffee? Not me! I bought a cup of cappuccino (heard this word for the first time lol) from Happy Coffee.

Happy Coffee

Happy Coffee

How did it taste? I am definitely not the best person to tell you this because I don’t even know how a great coffee tastes, forgive me.

Unfortunately, I left just before the masterclass began so I really don’t know if the event ended at 8 pm as promised. I do hope it did so people get to rest.

Lagos Coffee Festival

Vendors at Lagos Coffee Festival

On a final note, it was a great attempt at what I believe would become a community for those in the coffee industry to grow. Any hiccups? Errm, there was no item 7, lol.

Design Week Lagos

Picture from another event but I like, so let me show you here, lol

I have no hiccups to mention and I see bigger things to come from the organizers of Lagos Coffee Festival. It is a great initiative that should be fostered. You can check out my SLAY Festival experience too.

That’s it from me to you, did you do anything fun lately? Let’s chat in the comment.