Kayaking In Lagos
Kayaking In Lagos One night my friend, Cynthia calls and says, “Jessica, let’s do something fun, it’s been a while”, that was all I needed to put on my adventure cap, lol, I can never be caught slacking for where to explore. So I told her about Kayaking, I had seen a few pictures online and I wanted to try it again. The first time was at Omu Resort, the water wasn’t deep, neither did we stay for long, this time I was in search of something adventurous. She was game, so I did a few research online and we went Kayaking in Lagos!
kayaking In Lagos

Cynthia and I

That’s all there was to it, two friends seeking adventure, went to kayak. I feel like if I end this story here, some of you will strangle me, lol… so allow me to do a quick back story on the cost, time, experience, location, then a review. Cost of Kayaking in Lagos
cost of kayaking

Receiving instructions on how to paddle

From my research on places to Kayak in Lagos, I found two available tour companies to go with. Sent both a DM, while one was slow with responses, the other was fast, so I went with them, Kampari Tours. A quick look at the pictures and you can already see their logo, I think that is a marketing strategy and it works well. The cost per kayak was 4,500/1hr, though I think the price is a bit high, I forgive them because they had a professional photographer on ground who took, edited and sent us our pictures at no additional cost. So I will call it a fair one. Location for Kayaking in Lagos After payment, (9,000 for 2), we were given a time slot and the address was sent to us via email. It was at BIU boat club Lekki, Lagos. kayaking I and Cynthia (my friend), decided we would rather go with an Uber and split the cost. That made our journey down to the location from the mainland easy to locate as Third mainland bridge is currently closed for maintenance. We left home few minutes past 12, as the time slot allocated to us was 3-4pm and we were told to get there an hour before. Guess what? We didn’t get there until few minutes to 3, despite being a Saturday, Lagos traffic didn’t spare us, coupled with the closed bridge, it was a long drive. Luckily, we got there right in time to join our group. Outfit for Kayaking in Lagos
outfit for kayaking

My outfit for the day

I dressed up in a short, top and an all-stars sneakers, Cynthia had something similar on. Our tour guide mentioned that shorts were better for Kayaking in the guidelines sent, this made it straightforward, plus with a little help from Pinterest, I didn’t have to stress too much about my outfit. The Experience Kayaking In Lagos with Kampari Tours Like I mentioned earlier, this wasn’t my first time Kayaking but the experience this time was different. The water was bigger and fiercer, we were right under the Lekki Link bridge, I was scared in the beginning, but the moment I got into the water, I felt so calm, almost like I became friends with the water and didn’t want to leave even when our time was up. Worthy of mentioning are the amazing people we met there, first out tour guide, Kim, was warm and easy to talk to, the photographer, did great taking different pictures of us and giving great angles, also we made new friends there too, although I didn’t get their names. That is to say, everyone was amazing! There was no food there though, lol for foodies like me, I wasn’t surprised though as they had advised we come with snacks and drinks. So we got food from a restaurant close by. Would I do this again? Definitely!!! Total Cost Individually, we each spent 10k (transportation, feeding and Kayaking). Hopefully I have been able to answer all your questions about this. If you have any more, you can drop them in the comments, I will answer. Bye for now!!! Watch my Youtube video for details on what the venue looked like, the adventure etc.