Jessica Birthday
The idea behind this blog post was to have it up on the morning of April 3rd, my birthday but me being me, rather than write a blog post, I spent most part of my day smiling sheepishly at my phone. So this is me on the 4th of April going over what my 23rd birthday felt like, what it means for me and what I am currently enjoying.  

If you haven’t already, feel free to wish me a happy birthday, say a prayer and send gifts cause luckily the whole of April is my birthday as far as I am concerned.

My birthday this year was pretty low-key, I will blame it on ‘Mr COVID 19’ but in my heart I know I didn’t have anything special planned for the day but let’s give all the credit to COVID since it made sure I was home all day with my family.

birthday girl

Now that is a big deal actually, in my 23 years on earth, this year is the first time I got to spend my birthday with the complete family, By complete I mean my dad, mum and sister were present to wake me up from bed with a happy birthday song, usually, it is just my mom and sister, with my dad in a faraway land. So you see COVID might have been more good than we thought.

Now while that was nice, the highlight of my day was entering into my new year with songs of praises and worship to the one who created me. Yeah! By 12 am, I was awake thanking God for how far He has brought me and where He is taking me. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds my future and that assurance makes me excited. This probably explains why I woke later in the day with so much joy and peace that words could not describe.

It didn’t end there, the love I got from colleagues, bosses, and friends across various social media platform was amazing. The prayers, the words, oh my God, I read most of them more than once trying to take it all in, it was so beautiful. I still haven’t been able to reply all the messages, I should use this opportunity to say, I appreciate every one of you supporting and cheering me, it means the whole world to me, Thank You!

birthday girl

At this point, you understand why I was smiling sheepishly all through and couldn’t write a blog post as planned? Though I was indoor all day, I felt loved and appreciated, quick secret, at that moment, I felt like a celebrity, I won’t forget this in a long time.

Between taking calls and reading messages, I was able to get work done, had a team meeting and a company interview, it was a good day.

Currently, I am;

I have seen this tag on blogs of some of my favorite bloggers and I decided to jump on it. The idea of this is to update you all on what am currently doing. I hope you enjoy it!

Jessica Fortune

Currently wearing; no makeup, more shorts, t-shirts and my everyday hair cover. With the lockdown, I can’t seem to do more than these, sorry not sorry.

Currently reading; consuming more blog posts than ever. I just finished ‘The Girl Entrepreneurs’ by Mrs Ibukun Awosika and I reviewed it.

Currently watching; YouTube videos, sometime this week, I decided to revive my YouTube Channel from 2 years ago, hence I have been on YouTube taking as much information as I can because I am determined to excel at it this time.

Currently listening to; got my playlist to show you all that good stuff. I am also hooked on Mad by Wurld ft Sarz and Anybody by Dj Neptune ft Joebody and Mr Eazi. Oh, I should add, my podcast Twenty Something Rant.

Currently loving; my life, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Watching my growth makes me happy.

Determined to; successfully combine work, YouTube, Podcast and Blogging. I know it is a lot but I am determined to make it all work.

Craving; church and travel, it’s on my bucket list to travel outside Nigeria this year and it’s all I can think of, along with dancing to some good old gospel music after all this is over.

Uncertain about; everything, I refuse to let fear rule, hence I am dropping all my uncertainties at the feet of God.

ok, ok, ok, I think we have done well for today. Thank you once again for an amazing birthday, cheers to 23!