I miss my NYSC Experience

3 months post-NYSC

Life is so crazy. How in God’s name can I miss My NYSC experience in less than six months of finishing? To think I spent most part of the one-year praying earnestly for the end. And now? I miss it.

I miss my NYSC Experience
Me and my NYSC certificate

Apologies for coming on you that way, I just can’t believe I am sitting here and reminiscing on the almighty NYSC experience. To help you catch up, I will start from the beginning.

Catch up with my life after university post

the joy of success

I finished my NYSC journey which began on the 24th of July 2018 on the 24th of June, 2019, barely 3 months ago. Like most fresh Nigerian graduates, I was excited, nervous, anxious, scared and a lot of other things in between.

We made it! (Cynthia, Sopuruchi and I)

After my registration, which was late by the way, I waited anxiously for my call-up later to see where I would be posted to. To my surprise, upon receiving my call-up, I had been posted to Lagos, that was a dream come through.

I told everyone who cared to listen, I posted it everywhere, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, you just name it. I even went as far as mocking my friends who had been posted to far places, but alas, my village people were in my case.

I miss my NYSC Experience
my village people got me

Two days to my date of resuming in camp, NYSC sent another letter saying I was to resume for camp in Ede, Osun state. My phone would not stop ringing that day, it seemed like the moment it was announced that some corp members had been displaced from Lagos camp, everyone remembered me.

I miss my NYSC Experience
they really got me

I wasn’t surprised though, I was the town crier, after all. I simply ignored calls and text messages while I went about preparing for my journey to Ede.

Since I was to resume in Osun and not Lagos as earlier planned, I went a day prior to my resumption date. My real NYSC experience began the moment I stepped into Ede camp, Osun state on Monday 24th of July, 2018.

I miss my NYSC experience
I was dressed for the jungle

Now you get the gist, right? Let me break it a bit further. For the sake of those who are yet to go for NYSC, let’s start with some NYSC myth you should ignore.

Never listen to those who ask you to;

I miss My NYSC experience
Platoon 4 on our swearing-in day
  1. Carry all your school certificate, it’s a big lie! Upon receiving your call-up letter, NYSC officials will state clearly all the documents required from you, follow that judiciously.
  2. Snap 20 passport photographs, this is the biggest lie. 5 is enough, you might have some extras when leaving too.
  3. Carry church cloth, it’s a lie, you won’t need it. The only time you will have the luxury of wearing house cloth is on your carnival day.
I miss My NYSC experience
my friends and I, taking pictures instead of listening to a lecture (Dolapo, Beauty and Ife)
I miss My NYSC experience
I and my NYSC clique (Dolapo, AY and Odion)

Things to note;

  1. Should in case you misplace your student ID card before camp, get a police report and sworn affidavit, take those to camp with you. My purse which had my student ID was stolen a week to camp, so I know this for sure.
  2. It is in your best interest to conduct your medicals and not do a short-cut. I found out I was AS during this process.
  3. Ede camp is very neat, you will enjoy it.
  4. The food is ok, but not great.
  5. NYSC camp is opened to all two days before camp resumes.
  6. OBS is open to all, though there are auditions. If you think can, shoot your shot.

That said,

Things I miss about my NYSC experience;

  1. I miss my friends. Oh! I met a lot of amazing people in one year and God knows I miss them so much. Thank God I have pictures and videos to remember the amazing times we had.
  2. I miss the soldiers, NYSC officials, Man O’war instructors. This is crazy but I really do miss them. I was involved in everything while in camp, oh, I should also mention I contested for platoon president but didn’t make it. Thankfully, I got the assistant social director and this further made me popular in my platoon.
  3. I miss the morning drills. In the beginning, this was very tasking for me, waking up 3/4 am every day for 21 days? I couldn’t. Fortunately, I devised a means to, not wake up that early. What was that? I did not bathe in the morning. LOL!! Prior to when I devised this method, I would wake up at 3 am, brush my teeth, bathe, dress-up and head out but this did not last. First, I knew that the morning bathe was not real. Lol, I wasn’t really bathing because the water was too cold, I spent more time dancing around the bucket than actually bathing. So why wake up so early to torture me with cold water? Well, thank God I realised this and stopped it. Then, rather than bathe in the morning, I would bathe in the afternoon or evening after all morning wahala. This gave me enough time to sleep and wake up by 5 for drill. (If you are yet to go for NYSC camp, try my method and be glad, lol).
  4. I miss mami market. Oh! This market was basically where I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also went there with friends to party, drink, and gist, I really miss it.
  5. I miss the carnival, partying, lol, OBS was always playing a song or the other.
  6. I miss the NYSC anthem, how I loved to sing that song.
  7. I miss marching. This made me feel like a child again in red house, (smiling).
  8. I miss wearing my white on white.
  9. I miss wearing my NYSC Khaki
  10. I miss going for clearance and pushing, lol.
  11. I miss my platoon 4 members.
  12. I miss most especially the monthly allawee.
  13. I miss hanging out with friends during CDS
  14. In fact, I miss everything!
I miss My NYSC experience
at my PPA

Oh! Before forget to mention, after the 3 weeks in Ede camp, Osun, I and my fellow displaced Lagos corp members were sent back to Lagos for proper service.

I worked as a reporter with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in National Theatre Iganmu, Surulere Lagos. So, although my village people tried, I was a Lagos corp member.

I miss My NYSC experience
at my NYSC local government

I really should wrap this up here, so a few more pictures and its a close. Oh! If you are yet to go on the NYSC journey, lucky you! Please enjoy it. I sincerely hope it isn’t scrapped because I enjoyed it and will hope you also have the same NYSC experience.

i miss my NYSC experience
CDS project, sensitizing the community on hygiene
I miss my NYSC experience
CDS project
I miss my NYSC experience
my friends and I during CDS (Kuchi and Esther)

My people who have been on this journey, how was it? Please gist me.

Bye for now!