submit podcast to Apple

Six months after I started my podcast, Twenty Somethings Rant on Anchor, it still didn’t make it to Apple podcast which is one of the biggest podcasting directories and I was freaking out. I tried severally to contact the team at Anchor but that didn’t work, worse my friends whom I started podcasting before had their podcast on iTunes in two weeks or less.

After chatting with a friend who had been podcasting for years, I decided it was time to submit my to Apple podcast myself and get to the root of all this.

Thankfully, I got it and now my podcast is available on Apple podcast/iTunes. I am not here to show-off, I am rather here to show you how I was able to manually submit my podcast.

How To Submit Your Podcast To Apple Podcast/iTunes

There you have it, all details you need about submitting your podcast to Apple podcast/iTunes. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.