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First, I should say, I am very sorry for not being frequent with my blog posts about podcasting. I promise to do better in 2020. Now let us jump straight into hosting a podcast episode with a friend on Anchor. Sometimes you want to record a podcast with a friend but due to one issue or the other, you are not physically in the same location as they are, thanks to Anchor, distance is not a problem. Whether you are looking to host an interview with one person or have a round table, Anchor allows you to host up to 8 people on our podcast virtually or remotely. This has been an Anchor feature since 2017 and I have used it in recording most of my interview episodes on the Twenty-Somethings Rant podcast. If this is something you hope to do as well, this blog post it for you. How to use the record with a friend feature on Anchor Download the Anchor app; this seems straight forward, if you are looking to record an episode with a friend on Anchor, you should have the Anchor app, either on your phone, tablet or use the website version. I currently record with my phone and so I have app on my phone, it is available on android and iOS devices. In addition, whomever you are recording with needs to have the Anchor app installed i.e both you and your guest need the Anchor app.
Anchor with friends

the anchor app for podcasting circle in red

Get guest to favourite your podcast on Anchor; the concept of favouriting a podcast is the same as liking a post on social media. So, inform whomever you are recording with of the need to search for your podcast on Anchor and like/favourite it. Once this happens your guests automatically become your friend on Anchor and you can now place a call to them. Step by step to placing a call
  1. Tap the tools button of the screen.
Podcasting with Anchor

the tools button circled in red

2. Tap the invite friends to record with you.
Anchor with friends (2)

invite friends

3. Choose record with Anchor friends (these are friends who have liked your podcast on Anchor) Anchor with friends (3)
  1. Your guest gets a call notification from Anchor
  2. Once your friend picks the call, you are good to record.
With this, you are ready to record an episode with friends, guests, family and more. I hope you found this useful. Have any more questions, leave them in the comments session. Bye!