Vision boarding by Jessica Fortune Oguh

It has been a minute in here and I am sorry for that hiccup! I promised to drop a new blog post every Sunday and I missed out on last week’s post. While I apologize for that, I am excited to let you know, I hosted my first vision board party for twenty-somethings on the 7th of December, 2019.

Vision board party by Jessica Fortunes

Me coming out of hiding to tell you about the vision board party I hosted for twenty-somethings in Lagos

Yass!! I did it! This means a whole to me as I remember on my bucket list for 2019 was to host an event and now we can mark that as done. Grateful to God, family, and friends who came through for me and made this a success.

Vision board party set up

Let’s start from the set up

The vision board party was an idea I conceived in my head around June of this year, can’t remember exactly how the thought came but I do remember running a poll on my Instagram story about vision boards.

vision boarding

Guests who came early to help me with setting up; Testimony & Laolu

The poll ran in the positive with a lot of people indicating interest and boom, I decided to host one. I didn’t have all the details but I started promoting the event. I even went as far as creating a form for people to register the next day. From then till the d-day, it was a roller coaster of emotions but God saw me through.

vision board party

The process of building a vision board

I still can’t wrap my head around all of it, still feels unreal and I am yet to find the right words to describe it so I will let the pictures from the event do the talking. Moments captured by the amazing Desuwa.

vision boarding 2020

More guests; Tolu, Funmi & Ebose

In the meantime, I will take a couple of minutes to answer some questions a few people asked me during the course of planning and executing this event.

What is a vision board?

It is a visual representation of the ideas, goals, aspirations and dreams you hope to achieve within a given period. For further explanation, it is you putting a physical picture to all those abstract ideas stuck in your head.

vision boarding 2020

Funmi working hard on her board

This exercise helps you gain clarity, helps you decide on what to focus on. With a picture of your goal before you, it is easier to work towards them and always remember why you started.

Vision party

The very excited Laolu & Yemi wondering what is wrong with the boy…

What is a vision board party?

jessica fortune oguh

Jessica the host, I was probably dropping some quotes while everyone else was hard on their vision board

While you can work on creating your vision board alone, it is advisable to do it with friends and individuals with like minds. With this, you are inspired to have a vision board, have someone to hold you accountable and more.

vision board

Peep the words on the Digital Herbalists vision board for 2020

Therefore, it is a gathering of individuals with like mind working together on their goals, dreams, and aspirations while having fun, networking, and building relationships.

Who can have a vision board?

vision boarding

My brand strategists and guests; Remilekun & Dami looking all fresh

Everyone and anyone with dreams and aspirations.


Beautiful ladies; Omotunde & Yemi & half of Laolu lol

How do I build a vision board?

  1. Take a moment to make a mental note of all you hope to achieve or become in life
  2. Section your goals into different aspects of your life i.e. career, academicals, financial and more
  3. Set a realistic time frame for each goal
  4. Write down your goals and time frame on a sheet
  5. Join a tribe/group of individuals interested in building and participate
  6. Get an accountability partner
  7. Get your resources and build
  8. Place it in a strategic position for you to see and be inspired every day
vision board 2020

myself and the amazing Idara

Resources Needed For A Vision Board?

  1. Loads of magazines
  2. Pens
  3. Marker
  4. Cardboard
  5. Paper glue
jessica and friends

myself and the jolly friends, Funmi & Wuraola

Is a vision board party important and why should I attend?

Yes, yes yes! A vision board when done correctly sets the pace of your life, helps you stay on course, aids with clarity and helps you see clearly what in your life isn’t working and where needs some restrategizing or changing.

At the party;

  1. You get inspired and motivated by chatting and seeing others work hard on their goals.
  2. Build a relationship with new people thereby increasing your network and social capital
  3. To have fun
  4. Get an accountability partner
  5. Share challenges from your previous ventures and seek solutions.
vision board party

Ebose, also known as Bambina working hard on her vision board for 2020

Ok, ok, ok, at this point, I believe I have answered all the questions, but just in case you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section. Also, if you would like to be part of the vision board party for January 2020, register here.

vision party for twenty soemthings

Some group pictures for the road

vision board

Group pictures with our vision boards for 2020

Now back to the pictures, can you tell we had fun?

photographer Adesuwa

Because our photographer matters. The beautiful Adesuwa

I am sure you can! I am still amazed by the reviews from those who participated and I look forward to their testimonies soon. Even better, I am hyped to do more, so stay tuned for more.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

My outfit to the vision board party, fashionistas, how did I do?

Vision board party

I am smelling the next vision board party in January 2020, are you ready?

Ok, till next post, bye guys!!